New MMO from Gamigo will be presented soon

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Amigo will soon reveal a new MMO and is diligent to give the game on social media and co.

The Hamburg game operator Amigo prepares the start of a new MOOS. Although the publisher is still discreetly silent, but for a few days, it has been indicated by various social media channels and oracles. What is behind the title Uncertain Folder is still unclear, but should allow the tweets that the company published in the last few days on Twitter will allow you to conclude on the game, you will probably be able to get the story up to one To contribute to a certain extent.

In addition, the game seems, at least the artworks suspect to be much gloomier than everything else the publisher has otherwise. This also includes the unusual marketing campaign. According to a teaser trailer or screenshots, Amigo has not published anything from the game itself, but also applies the whole thing in addition to some artworks with the first part of an exciting story in audio form.

New details will release Amigo in small appetizers, namely, when a new self-stuck target (Likes, Shares, Comments) was reached on social media.

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