LOL DoubleLift goes into war against Reginald and TSM He has made many players cry

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Through the total failure of the NHL period 2004/05, AHL took advantage of both several NHL stars, which played the entire period for the corresponding AHL club, and increased audience rate of interest as well as television presence.
It is played in the Eastern and Western Seminar, whereby each Seminar has been separated right into two divisions given that the restructuring for the 2015/16 season.

The thing is that burns in the American League of Legends. We do not say it because of the farmers of European stars, or by the umpteenth promise of signing autochthonous players and promoting the talent of the region. We say this because it is the second day in which Filing Double lift Peng relates proper experiences really dark about Andy Reginald Dish, CEO and founder of Team only Mid.

After an incendiary statement that left as a lapidary phrase that honestly, really I hate TSM, he today has returned to the burden with a new ration of comments. A few hours ago, the American League of Legends shooter again talked about this issue on his twitch streaming. And he has shown not having hairs on his tongue.

Doublelift HATES TSM, Reginald and Leena Respond

About Reginald, he says the following in the clip : Many players have cried… many. I do not want to name them, because it s not my style, but I ll say it made many cries. You would be fucking surprised to know how many of your favorite players in LCS have had crisis because of him, because of how he assaulted them verbally. It is the typical case of the bully that acts from doors to inside and that is covered. He is like in the series, the typical one who does what he wants because his father is the mayor and do what he wants. I m glad to see that finally people are opening their eyes.

In the live, Doublet said not so much hate TSM, how to hate Reginald in particular. Came cases He got Lena, his partner, and not by Reg. And he also tells that all the former team players are with him, including Sword Art.

We will be waiting, because the League of Legends scene is in full boiling even though the signing period has not been opened. First the Perez clause that prevents FANATIC from going, and now public hatred among a TSM legend as it is Double lift and its CEO, Reginald

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