National Team Swirls around Lehmann Tweet to L w

As if ex-national goalkeepers Jens Lehmann had not already taken care of his person this year, he has now produced bright excitement again with a cryptic post into social media. Addressing his message was not less than the national coach Joachim Löw said goodbye to Thursday night.

Jens Lehmann was at the official passion Lows on Thursday at Wolfsburg Stadium, who, among other things, with Mats Hummels, by Mertesacker, Lukas Pools or Benedict However, many years of companions and protectors of the 61-year-old attracted, apparently invited.

Best football trick world cup 2006 Jens Lehmann
About this non-attention, the former national goalkeeper was obviously disappointed. Goodbye Jodi. My recommendation in 2006 resulted in the DFB team in 15 years. Today you have been adopted, I have seen. Thus, the times change, tweeted the 61-fold German national player on Thursday evening.

In the early years of Löw at the DFB as an assistant under national coach Jürgen Kinsman Lehmann once rose to the number one in the German gate. He repressed Oliver Khan and stood at the 2006 home World Cup and the 2008 EM final round between the posts.

That Lehmann had the recommendation to install Löw as a successor of Kinsman 15 years ago on the national coach post was at least publicly known in this clarity. What the 52-year-old meant with this statement, he also left open.

Jens Lehmann flew from the Supervisory Board of Bertha BSC

Lehman, who once played at FC Schalke 04, and at the BVB and the FC Arsenal, had fallen into criticism last spring after accidentally sending a WhatsApp message with obviously racist content to the ex-national Dennis ago.

In the days after that, a public discussion escaped by Lehmann, in which he was established in the Supervisory Board of Bertha BSC. Even as a TV expert, he has not been working since.

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