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Ridge Racer is an auto racing computer game series established as well as published for arcade systems and home video game gaming consoles by Banzai NAMC Enjoyment, previously NAMC. The first video game, Ridge Racer (1993), was initially launched in games for the NAMC System 22 hardware, later ported to the PlayStation two years later as a launch title. It was consulted with numerous follows up and spin-off games for numerous platforms, the most recent being the iPhone game Ridge Racer Attract & Wander (2016). Gameplay involves the player racing against computer-controlled challengers to be the initial to end up in a race. Wandering is a core facet of the collection, as well as is used to keep rate while transforming edges.
Ridge Racer is a spiritual successor to Sim Drive (1992), a racing simulation game met a limited release in Japanese games. Initially suggested as an F1 racing video game, comparable to NAMC s very own Post Setting and also Last Lap collection, it was rather changed with auto racing on mountain roadways, a popular trend for Japanese vehicle enthusiasts at the time. The PlayStation variation was a launch title for the console as well as an impressive success for NAMC, triggering the creation of a number of sequels for galleries and also home platforms. After NAMC combined with Banzai in 2005, the collection would certainly come to be special to consoles as well as later on mobile phones. Several video games in the franchise were released as launch titles for gaming consoles.
Earlier Ridge Racer games got essential recognition for their graphics, gameplay, as well as musical rating, several citing it as a contributing variable to the success of the PlayStation in its very early years. Later access were slammed for straying too much from the source material and also absence of content, with Ridge Racer Vita (2011) being provided amongst the worst video games ever before made. The series is considered influential to the auto racing video game category.

Since 2006, Supertuxkart has been a free Mario Kart alternative for all sorts of platforms. Thanks to a big update, the Arcade Racer is even better.

Supertuxkart: Free racing game for PC, smartphone & Co.

Mario Kart is the undisputed place deer of the Arcade Racer — even if numerous companies have tried to copy the success recipe. The only problem of the game series: If you want to play Mario Kart, you must be owned by the corresponding Nintendo console — because on other platforms none of the games has appeared.

How nice would it be if there would be a Solid Arcade Racer with multiplayer function and cross-platform support, which is still free of charge. But there is — and that has been for 15 years.

In 2006, Supertuxkart appeared a kind of Mario Kart clone with open source license that can be downloaded and played for free — and on numerous platforms: Windows, macOS, Linux, Android and a Homebrew version of the Nintendo Switch are currently supported.

There has been a lot done since the original release. The community of the Arcade Racer has the game in order to expand numerous content and functions. So, in addition to normal races, there is also a ARENA mode modeled from Mario Kart.

Another advantage of supertuxkart: Players on different platforms can easily play with each other.

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Download Supertuxkart for free

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Granted, A Mario Kart can not replace Supertuxkart. But anyone who does not name a Nintendo console, should definitely give the free Arcade Racer a chance — especially since the system requirements are surprisingly low.

Special features of Supertuxkart

Who does not suffice the pre-installed routes and arenas, can download new cards, karts and other content for free in the game ? Who wants, can even compete against his friends in a football mode.

Also, an interesting difference to the Nintendo original: Supertuxkart offers a story mode, reminiscent of the Campaign of the Crash Team Racing Series. In the course of the individual player, you can unlock new routes and karts, which you can use in multiplayer.

Supertuxkart is a free Mario Kart alternative that is available on numerous platforms and offers some special features.

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