From Nvidia they say that there will continue to be a shortage of graphic cards during 2022

The damage produced by the pandemic go beyond human losses and the effects on the economy: Scary of components is a real problem that is today affecting the manufacture of multiple technological products worldwide. In fact, it does nothing we knew that Sony has trimmed its PS5 production due to the lack of chips and logistical problems, but other companies are not left behind.

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One of them is NVIDIA. The company has become over the past few years in a name of the industry, reaping a tremendous success on PC and popularizing your graphic cards. These, unfortunately, also have the use of certain problematic components at present, so will continue to be shortage problems during 2022.

During the next year, the demand will surpass the Jensen Huang offer, CEO of NVIDIA I think that during the next year, the lawsuit will surpass the offer. We do not have magical solutions in our supply chain, he said Jensen Huang, CEO of Nvidia, in an interview with Yahoo Finance, being asked about if in 2022 a graphical card can be achieved with a certain normality.

As we say, NVIDIA is not the only affected by semiconductors, covering from the entertainment industry to the automotive. In Intel, they met recently that both the PlayStation and Xbox consoles and the GPUs will have problems until 2023, although during the second half of the next year it would be considerably alleviated.

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