Maplestory in the browser Thanks to GeForce Now this is now possible

It would seem that GeForce Now is a service designed for the latest production that have large hardware requirements, and players — for obvious reasons — they are not able to run.

Where'd all the Geforce Now games go?

Not only.

After New World and Lyon, another obvious reasons came to the service from NVIDIA. It s old, but still the iconic Maple story, which thanks to GeForce now gains new opportunities, for example, it can now be fired by the ASAMA Web browser (Google Chrome).

Confirmation here.

Maple story is now Playable on GeForce now! NVIDIA s Premiere Game Streaming Service Allows Games With A GeForce Now Account on A Wide Variety Of Systems, Including Windows, Macintosh, Linux, Android, Web Browsers And More, To Play A Wide Selection Of Games Without To Download A Game Client, or Even Have a high-end gaming PC.

Remember, however, that GeForce Now has two, and really three types of subscriptions:

Free (with queues and only an hour of session)
49 PLN a month (with RTX and 6 hours of session)

500 PLN in half a year (with access to RTX 3080 and 4K image)

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