Back 4 Blood Players complain about nightmare devs say This is for people with hundreds of hours playing time

The players comeback 4 Blood are angry with the developers. They have explained — and that everything made worse.

For just over a month, the cooperative Zombie Shooter Back 4 Blood is on the market, but in the community it beached. Guilt is a new patch that created the melee and made the hardest degree of difficulty even harder.

In a stream, the developers were coming to the greatest changes to the patch and explained — which led only to more criticism and unbelief.

What was that for a stream? On Twitch, Turtle Rock developers took a half an hour to answer the most urgent issues of the community and to respond to the largest excitement issues in the Subreddit of the game. You can watch the whole stream here if you want to hear all the details:

Of course, we have summarized the most important for you here.

Melee was far too strong: The melee cards were significantly generated in the last patch, which made many players angry. Because melee was an important part of the successful teams. The developers also know that, but still wanted to make changes. Because a carpenter with the right cards could hold a door completely alone — not only against normal zombies, but also against the special zombies, which were simply captured permanently in a tumbling animation.

Each game style should have a counterattack and if camber simply beat Tallboys on the running tape without suffering damage, then that s bad for the whole game and had to be customized.

The intention behind Tallboys and other great creatures is that no player alone with a few cards is permanently stunning and mastering every challenge in the game alone. It is a cooperative game.

Why is there any mistakes? Also a bigger topic was the appearance of errors in the game, especially the increased spawn rate of special zombies. That these are still faulty even after the first big patch, many bothers and reduces the fun.

The developers say that it is simply not possible to test all eventualities in advance. The developer team and the test players are only a few people. Compared to the live version of the game, in which up to 50,000 matches per hour are played, this is simply too little data. If the developers had to complete 50,000 matches themselves to check any eventuality, that would probably take many years.

So much of the exact analyses can only take place when a patch is live to make even smaller problems still find.

As that looks, this small clip shows in the Subreddit from Back 4 Blood — the team is quasi already destroyed in the warehouse.

Why is that so bad? Even if the developers say that the Spawns basically work well in most cases and these special zombie masses are a fairly rare phenomenon, many players remain annoyed. The problem is that in most cases it does not matter if the spawn works correctly in 99% of cases. If only one wave is puzzled and counteract players 3, 4 or even 5 Tallboys, the nightmare and veteran ends with a very high probability with a death.

This is especially annoying in Back 4 Blood, because there is only once the opportunity to continue through a Continue. A single bug spawn can destroy the whole run. This is twice an annoying on nightmare, where the players sometimes have to deal with 4 or 5 cards in a bit to unlock the next entry point.

However, it is worked on solutions to resolve the bugs with the spawn. This has a high priority for Turtle Rock.

Why is there now fast hotfix? Again and again you read the demand of the players that there is an immediate hotfix that fixes the bugs. Here that this was not so easy is mentioned. For one, Turtle Rock is a relatively small development studio. Second, it must each patch through only one certification from Microsoft and Sony, which may take several days to complete. Because baking is 4 Blood on cross play, but all platforms at the same level must be.

It simply takes a while to even a small patch can be released even if the developers had found the solution after only one day.

developers should play nightmare live

From all the criticism, a demand has become more and louder: the developers are supposed to stream their game and gamble themselves on the difficulty nightmare. This requirement has been swelling for weeks and did not take off when it was confirmed in the Turtle-Rock Discord that the developers would have mastered the game on the toughest difficulty. They are according to their own statements slowly and carefully addressed and respected not to exchange unnecessary damage among the people.

The statement has made many players only unbelievers. Because the small percentage of players who made nightmare reported that it was basically only possible through speed running. Something that should also be generated in the future.

Does Speed *RUIN* Nightmare Mode? ???? Back 4 Blood FOUR Nightmare Levels in 13 Minutes
For whom is nightmare actually thought? At the same time, it was also talked about the nightmare difficulty levels and for whom who is actually intended.

The nightmare difficulty is for players who have spent a hundred hours [in Back 4 Blood] and then car. This is quasi our endgame. It s really hard and very dynamic. So we will always find things that you can improve.

Accordingly, the nightmare mode is not for players who may have played a veteran first. It should be an endgame mode and correspondingly difficult. Nevertheless, mistakes that lead to unfair situations — such as the massive spawn on special infected — eliminates. There are also errors that about burning zombies after their death still cause damage or the blighted zombies in death cause more damage than planned.

If these mistakes are eliminated, nightmare may feel somewhat more feasible.

The mood in back 4 Blood remains applied. Although the November update has brought some sensible changes, some annoying mistakes continue to persist and maybe only eliminates the next larger patch in December.

What is your opinion about Back 4 Blood? Do you still have fun at the Loop Shooter? Or is you waiting until nightmare has become a bit more enable?

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