Through the counseling of Android the Binary Syndrome report approaching the mystery of the 21 grams of the soul Binary Syndrome report Diggee Expo 2021

Star Trip s chronology list the various events that happened on the planet of the Celebrity Expedition legend.

Humans lose 21 gram weights when they died I knew such anecdote from the 2003 movie 21 grams.

When the creature dies, it is said that soul escapes. As for the soul, clear definitions are still difficult in terms of religion and science in each region, but doctors who continued to study the moment of human death were constantly considered at least about the weight of the soul. The doctor thought that the weight loss after death and The weight of the human soul is 21 grams.

Then I forgot about this story for a long time, but I found that the title of the Digger Expo 2021, which was held on November 14, was exhibited.

It is an adventure game called binary syndrome introduced this time. This work is not an unusual setting called Android s SF of the main character s SF. Nevertheless, interesting is that you have a genre that makes a genre that will praise the unique gameplay of Android Counseling ADV.

21 grams that are said to be the weight of human souls are added to Androids? What is the soul of a person, a heart? Based on that theme, Android It features gameplay to counsel your mind.

Counseling to Android by the main character grown in Android

Near future with Android and humans coexist. However, the situation of the two seems to have continued to be the same situation.

The hero / Yew is active as a counselor researcher at a certain institute. Yew was once orphaned in a childhood accident, and had a past that was raised in parenting android, which was the experimental stage.

There is also such experience, she is trying to make human and lids in a different position, but it can not be promoted well. At that time, Yew decided to be assigned to a new research team. Will it be an opportunity to proceed with Android and human relationships?

In the version exhibited in the Nigerian Expo 2021, I was able to play a scene that counseled one of androids who broke my mind.

Counseling imagines a little unique approach, but the basics will proceed as a long-fashioned command selection type ADV. While making full use of commands such as LOOK and TALK, it will be a flow that draws emotions and words well from the other party.

In this exhibition stage, only rough gameplay can confirm, the cute visual of the character is impressive, but it is impressed by 21 grams that is the weight of Android and souls that are later imagined? I also had it.

After all impressions are no doubt in a highly finished pixel art. In addition to the recent overseas indie ADV, such as VA-11 Hall-A and 2064: Reed-Only Memories, it is clear that they have been inspired, and it has been strongly receiving the impact of PC-98 s ADV It will be.

Overseas Indie ADV and Made from the thought of PC-98 ADV

Touching Binary Syndrome this time, in recent years, I was able to recurrence past video game creatives and was quite close to the flow to re-evaluate. Because I was very worried, I was actually what to do with the development of Blue EBI Research Institute and Trap, and I received a very interesting answer.

Yes, I too, VA-11 Hall-A and 2064: Reed Only Memories are playing. The number of colors is limited, with a beautiful dot picture. I also like two of them.

Furthermore, Trap starts to Diego, not only overseas indie ADV s but PC-98 ADV. Among them, I liked the Possession er, and it is said that it is a title such as Silent Möbius developed by Gienah of the anime production company. Certainly, it is a visual that has a unique power even if you look back now.

((When these works were released) I was not born at all, but I just used to look at the image on the net.

Trap originally like the genre that I like ADV, I thought that these titles of the PC-98 era were also wanted to play. However, now the means to play is limited, and it was also less opportunity to touch easily if it is not a title registered in the project EGG.

Because there is no opportunity to play now… If you don t want to make it yourself (laughs) So it has started the development of binary syndrome. Actually, this work is 20 colors. I can not do it in 16 colors of PC-98…… I m going to play the power of the older graphic in my own form now It seems that it is.

Progress of Binary Syndrome development should follow Trap s Twitter or check the official site. In addition to having detailed creation of a fine production diary in Pixie Fanboy, support for development is also accepted from 100 yen.

In addition, Binary Syndrome plans to publish the trial version on November 21st. If you were interested, please check the publication in the official site or Twitter.

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