LOL Caitlyn s new hidden mechanics caused by a bug of his rework

Although it should have been a simple visual update, the Rework of Caitlyn is becoming one of the great controversies of League of Legends. Riot Games decision to eliminate some of her most outstanding mechanics has been very poorly received from some community members especially dedicated to the character. A situation that, however, has changed due to a new newly discovered bug that gives a lot of power in the latest stages of the game.

A hidden mechanic of Caitlyn even more powerful

The new Bug of the Champion does not allow to exceed the limits of its attack speed as the previous one, but it has a similar effect when it comes to increasing your burst damage, since allows you to use the stroke loaded with shot at head Two consecutive occasions. A lethal combo that only works when the first activated it with the trap for hurdles or the 90 gauge network, but which can be very destructive.

Caitlyn's NEW S12 game breaking duplicate headshot bugs LMAO
Everything we need to get this bug, which has already become a hidden mechanic for the community, is to have a speed of attack high enough that allows us to launch two basic goals before the first projectile reaches the target. This is because, a priori, the deactivation of the powered attack does not occur until it impacts, so that cheat to League of Legends if we hit fast enough.

Once we learn to execute this movement is surprisingly consistent, so that we can replicate it on a good number of occasions. However, Everything indicates that she will be eliminated from League of Legends in the next patch (if not before). Riot Games has already proved that he prefers to end this type of interactions before they take too much time in the game and their use extends between the community.

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