The new trailer of WWE 2K22 presents the first live play images

Visual Concepts Home Entertainment is an American computer game programmer based in Novato, California. Established in Might 1988, the business is best known for establishing sporting activities games in the 2K franchise business, mainly NBA 2K as well as WWE 2K. Visual Concepts was obtained by Sega in May 1999 and offered to Take-Two Interactive in January 2005. The acquisition of the firm led Take-Two Interactive to open their 2K tag which Visual Concepts entered into, on the day following the acquisition.
Visual Concepts operates nine studios (in Agoura Hills, Austin, Budapest, Foothill Ranch, Novato, Parkville, San Jose, Seoul and Shanghai.) Since December 2018, the company employs more than 350 people.

2K and Visual Concepts previously revealed that it would be January 2022 before we saw great revelations of features or new looks at the game for We 2k22, but fortunately they had a small surprise reserved for fans before the holidays. Today, the study revealed a series of great new details about the next entry of the franchise, and along with a new advance showing some of these new features, we obtained our first look at the Royal Game of 2K22. So far, the game looks quite impressive, and you can see the new game for yourself in the advance above.

The new game is seen for the first time at the beginning of the trailer and presents Jeff Hardy facing KOF Kingston. Here we can see Kingston hitting Hardy with a forearm and then hitting some kicks on Hardys legs before grabbing his head and neck and throwing a strong blow against the mat.

Then we see more gameplay in the next sequence (complete with resistance bars at the bottom) in a combat between the WWE Big E champion and the Street Profits Monte Ford. We see Ford hit Big E, but Big E evade it.

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Then we get some tickets, including Edge and Bayley, and then we see more gameplay thanks to a game between Bobby Ashley and Chad Gable. We take a look at some other stuffed bars under the resistance, and you will also see a brief pop-up window of the new PIN icon, which shows that the PIN action is now assigned to the right stick. Ashley raises Gable and hits a monstrous blow, but we do not really see the pin.

While the game sequences are brief, they give a good idea of ​​what to expect at least from the perspective of the presentation and the graphics in the Ring. In January, we will obtain a much better and more widespread vision of the game, which with luck will include an extended game in the Ring and depths on how the different grip and pin systems work in 2K22.

WWE 2K22 is scheduled to launch itself in March 2022, and the game is expected to reach next-generation consoles and many other platforms.

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