BVB icon warns of problem at Mats Hummels

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Borussia Dortmunds Football God Jürgen Kohler has criticized the quality of the German central defenders. Even BVB defense chief Mats Hummels does not see the world champion from 1990 on the highest level.

We do not have world-class defenders in Germany — thats a fact and a big problem, Kohler said in the Football1 podcast The Dortmund week. Especially in terms of indoor and outer chests, we are not at the very beginning.

The todays defensive players would have only the switch in the head and want to switch to ball gains forward. This creates volatility errors. How are I going to the ball, which rooms can open behind me? Kohler explained.

According to the 56-year-old, this problem affects natural also the BVB. That must be trained. In the Bundesliga clubs, defense work is rarely trained individually — not only with the professionals, also in the offspring, Kohler said.

Critically, the Dortmund club icon also evaluated the services of the BVB defense chief: Mats Hummels lives from his fitness. He can read a game very well, but needs someone next to himself, who expires things to things. He does not have the speed and has never been the speed Approaching.

BVB: Mats Hummels No Defender More on World Class Level

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The BVB defense chief have already one or the other problem and is no longer a defender on world-class level, Kohler judged. We turned World Champions in 2014, because the best defender Jérôme Boating and not Mats Hummels was.

Nevertheless, Kohler trusts the Routinize a comeback in the German national team at national coach Hans Flick. I believe that Mats can play a role in the DFB team. If he is at 100 percent, he can help this young German team, but he needs someone next to him who helps him.

Kohler in this context referred to his active career and his congenial secondary man in the BVB Defense Center: Julio César was totally important to me at that time.

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