Network usage fee controversial Netflix annual lawsuit legalization

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The procedure for preventing the end of Netflix is ​​a procedure to prevent riding and a court lawsuit.

According to the National Assembly and the related industry on the 22nd, the 19th of the 19th, Kim Sanchez, the Buddhist Party, is responsible for legalization while carrying out the amendment of the Telecommunications Business Law, which contains the Network Pure Contract Regulations of the Overseas Content Business (CP).

In December last year, the Democratic Party of the Democratic Party, in July of this year, earned the legislation for the prevention of Netflixs networking avoidance of Netflix, respectively.

The lawsuit is also wandered. Netflix filed a defeated appeal in a lawsuit that has been filed to confirm that there is no obligation to negotiate with network use for SK Broadband. On the other hand, the SK Broadband is anterior with a rule of 700 billion won, and is a recycling of returning to the right.

In the industry, the results of the Netflix-SK Broadband Court Fight are expected to make efforts to promote the legislation of the National Assembly.

As soon as the next months National Assembly Science and Technology Information Broadcasting Committee, the Public Communications Committee, the Public Committee, is expected to be merged with three-piece prevention bill.

However, these bills are expected to take somewhat seals until they pass the National Assembly. It contains content forces to force private agreements, because the judging of the legislation and the proceedings may not be unmodified.

Industry officials said, We will be able to comply with the National Assembly of the National Assembly, We will be able to pay for a contract. And explained.

The second heart for Netflix Appeals will be scheduled to be on the next month until the 23rd of next month. The incident is unable to see if it is a regular argument, and it was promised to be a separate date of the preparation for the law to check both preparations.

Recently, Netflix is ​​also playing balls in the war to take this atmosphere. After this month, Gill Netflix policy, vice president of Netflix policy, will be disclosed directly on the network of network use with domestic telecommunications.

SK Broadband wins against Netflix in network usage fee case: What comes next?

In particular, in Open Net seminar, it is a strategy to explain the role of OpenCounter Lions (OCT) that Netflix, which has argued. OCT is a kind of cache server for data that is repeatedly transmitted overseas, which is the claims of Netflix to reduce the burden of data transmission of the carrier.

But on the 18th, Netflix is ​​an interpretation that it does not create an outlet strategy while impressing the service subscription fee.

Netflix is ​​an inevitable decision to make a pricing impression and an inevitable decision to make up for sustainable quality content, but in the industry, it is a response that it is not preemptive response to defeated in the lawsuits in the National Assembly.

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