Black Myth Wukong fascinates us with new conceptual images scenarios and mythological monsters

They all caught us by surprise a gameplay by Black Myth: Kong who traveled a good part of the network, 13 more minutes than enough for us to fall in love with the next Chinese study project Game Science. After this, the developers have been giving news to droppers, and now return to the load with new ones Conceptual images that further reiterate the influence of Chinese mythology in the game.

As posed by the study co-founder in ArtStation, it seems that Black Myth: Kong goes ahead with his plan to give us scenarios totally nourished and monsters The purest Asian style, because there are two elements to the That is given attention to the images. Starting with the maps, the Game Science team shows that the adventure will take us by land snowfall at some point, but the traditional temples of Chinese culture will not be lacking.

Black Myth: Wukong - Official Trailer

In addition, developers want us to remember all the challenges we will find throughout their work, so they have also published some supernatural creatures that collect various aspects of the mythology of the place for their design. An idea that can be observed both in its artistic style and in the different details that adorn its armor and clothes.

Black Myth: Kong, who will become a trilogy, does not have a concrete release date, but that does not prevent developers from removing us images and situations with which to dream. After all, and although the game has often shown that it can enter the new generation of consoles, their world and their characters will allow us to see that Game Science also knows how to leave the graphics aside to focus on The vitality of your universe.

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