GTA Online You can just snap 1 9 million in Cayo Perico

The last Heist Week Into Online brings new discounts, bonuses and actions. But above all the rare Panther statue, which can dust her in Mayo PERCO Heist.

At this item is: The coveted Panther statue is the most valuable item you can get from the Mayo PERCO Heist. Depending on the level of difficulty, you will get between 1.7 million dollars alone for the statue. For a single item, the sum can be seen.

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In addition to the statue you can collect other valuable things like gold, grass or paintings as a secondary prey in the story. So definitely worth it this week at Mayo PERCO and have a few memorial revenues.

GTA Online: The Cayo Perico Heist Finale in Hard Mode - Elite Challenge [Solo]
Since the statue is the rarest and most expensive object that you can get from the Heist, you should use this opportunity and grab you this week.

This works: If you play the Mayo PERCO heist this week for the first time, you can choose the Panther statue as the main goal. Just start the Heist in the menu and peeks the island to find the statue.

Remember that you can not steal the statue of infinitely often. There is only one time per character, but guaranteed. You do not have to randomly random here.

With a value of up to 1.9 million, it is very tempting for players who are currently just under cash register. You can also better prepare for the coming December update with the money.

Incidentally, in the meantime, there is a bonus for spying and completing the Orange Skull Missive Mask and Orange Glow Shades for free.

How long is the statue available? You have time to the end of the event week, so until next Thursday: 2 December. You can do the meanwhile alone or with friends, but the statue is, as mentioned, only once per character.

These bonuses are also available? This week also awaits you the next round of bonuses and offers. Here are:

2x money and exp on opponent mode Overtime Rumble
2x Money and EXP on Kart Crash: Full Car Fashion
2x money and exp For A Super yacht Life missions
35% discount on the Osaka, your renovations and upgrades
40% discount on the armed dinghy, the patrol boat, Veto Classic, Veto Modern and Slam truck

You will also get the Still Slipping Friend T-shirt for free when logging in.

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