2D Platform One Hand Clapping comes out on December 14

One Hand Clapping is a 2D platform game that turns around the sound. The game will be released on December 14th on PC, Xbox One, PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch, IOS and Android.

One Hand Clapping is developed by the Independent Studio Bad Dreams Games and published by Handy Games. This will be the first and only title out of Bad Dreams Games.

The game’s sales argument is its unique play mechanism based on the sound. Players will have to navigate the world of play and solve various puzzles using only their voice. You can sing, hum, play an instrument or emit a sound in any manner imaginable. All you need is a microphone to play.

But how does it work exactly? According to the gameplay trailer, it seems that a constant path is traced so that the main character works while you sing. When you increase your height, the path rises. The path also destroys various obstacles on the path of the main character.

Not only is the mechanics of the game is unique and interesting, but its artistic design is also beautiful. The world is beautiful with vibrating and colorful backgrounds and adorable characters. One Hand Clapping seems pretty good mixing his sound mechanics with his artistic design. While the main character sign, the world around it comes to life.

One Hand Clapping first started as a demo created by students from the University of South California. Students formed Bad Dreams Games in 2018 and started working on the title. One Hand Clapping has received a multitude of rewards, including the In decade Audience Choice Awards and intentional Play Summit Best Student Game.

The price and download size of the game are currently not available, but you can view its achievements and add it to your wish list in the Epic Games store.

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