KINGSTON FURY DDR4 Which module suits you

The Kingston Memory Hardware, which provided Hyper DRAM for two incredible decades, is the memory choice for all gamers. Kingston Fury is the next generation of quality development of high-performance memory and storage solutions for PC enthusiasts, gamers and content creators. Under a new name and building on the great success of the existing Hyper storage products, Kingston re-established its dram, and SSD gaming product series and invested resources and know-how from the core business to the next generation of high-performance products to develop.

The Kingston Fury line consists of: Kingston Fury ™ Renegade, Kingston Fury Beast and Kingston Fury Impact. The Kingston Fury product lines offer gamers and enthusiasts the possibility to give their PC systems with modules in DDR4 RGB, DDR4 Non-RGB and DDR3 to upgrade to which they have waited eagerly. Also, Laptop Gamer find the right upgrades at Kingston Fury.

Kingston Fury Renegade

KINGSTON FURY DDR4: Which module suits you? Source: Kingston The Kingston Fury Renegade DDR4 series is the perfect solution for gamers who value peak performance. The top model of Kingston Fury, which is quite suitable for ambitious gamers, which may also be professionally active in the gaming area, is in single module capacities of 8 GB to 32 GB and in kits of 2, 4 and 8 modules with capacities from up to 256 GB offered. In addition, Renegade offers speeds of up to 4600MHz paired with fast CL15-CL19 latencies for the RGB line and 5333MHz with CL13-CL20 timings for latches without dynamic RGB lighting. All Kingston Fury Modules are the extensive Intel® XMP certified and have profiles that are optimized for the latest chipsets of Intel and can be adapted in the BIOS. Of course, the Kingston Fury Storage are also AMD Oven-ready®.

Kingston Fury Beast

KINGSTON FURY DDR4: Which module suits you? Source: Kingston Fury Beast DDR4 RGB and Kingston Fury Beast DDR4 are in contrast to the Kingston Fury Renegade line rather addressed to the gaming enthusiasts, which keeps his gaming budget in the eye, but the professionals wants to do in no way. With speeds of up to 3733 MHz and latencies of CL15-19 you get strong performance increases for games, video editing and rendering. Thus, the Kingston Fury Beast line is the perfect solution for gamers looking for a cost-efficient upgrade. The product is available in individual module capacities of 8 GB to 32 GB and kit capacitance of 16 GB to 128 GB. Individual and kit modules have an automatic plug-n-play overclocking with 2666 MHz.

Kingston Fury Impact

KINGSTON FURY DDR4: Which module suits you? Source: Kingston for the gamer on the go. The Kingston Fury Impact Sodium focus on the gamers who are likely to be active from anywhere and are likely to fall at the airport or train in a virtual battle. This allows all notebooks and small-form factor computers to be fully equipped with Kingston Fury Impact Sodium to minimize system delays and open a world full of details. Plug-n-play automatically changed the factory default speeds without setting the BIOS. The latch is offered in single and 2-kits, and the bars are available in the duo with up to 64 GB capacity. Like Fury Beast, Fury Impact is also offered as DDR3.

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