Nexon the country of the wind the illegal editorial

Nixon said it was judged by the accordance with the restraining restructuring and damages of the unrivaled infringement of the NARA illegal private operators on the 1st.

Nixon commissioned the investigators in the last 2018, the country illegal, the country illegally editorial, in 2019, was subject to a lawsuit such as suspension of copyright infringement and disposal, claiming, and claiming. Since then on November 23, the Won District Court should dispose of games that are archived in servers and services under copyright law, and shall jointly support by operators and to one of the operators with copyright infringement on their lawsuits. I decided to pay for damages of a million won.

The trial was determined that the illegal server operators could not be operated as a game that replicates, transfers, distributes, or communicate with the same game as copyright laws. The trial operators did not receive permission of copyright notice, but infringed copyrights by copyrighted, transporting, and distributing the same game to a certain number of users, and the same game, said the operators, Since there is a causal relationship between the transfer, such as remittance, the causal relationship is recognized, so we have burdened the claim for the cavity due to copyright infringement.

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Nixon said, As an obvious copyright infringement, Nixon will respond to the legal measures of the IP infringement, including the obvious copyright infringement, said Nixon, said Nixon, said Nixon, said Nixon, said Nixon, said Nixon, said Nixon. I am actively active in this.

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