Cloud9 commits LS as head coach of League of Legends

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Cloud9 has announced that Analyst, coaches and Streamer Nick, LS ‘de Cesare will take over the role of the chief trainer of his League of Legends teams. The message follows the departure of the current Chef Trainer Alfonso, Smithy ‘Rodríguez to work together with former Cloud9-Alumni BOK, Reapered’ Hang as a co-trainer of LCS-page 100 Thieves.

In the discussion about the change, LS admits that in recent years he had rejected several other coaching positions. He says, however, that slippery standards of Lack and LPL teams have encouraged him to return to the professional scene, as it is now possible for Western teams to make games legitimate or grabbing or beating them directly – something he previously considered impossible.

According to LS, the many years of friends and current cloud9 aggregators Ibrahim, Fudge ‘Allan and Max Waldo were important factors for the change, with the couple actively pushing that he joined the team in official function.

#Cloud9 Signs LS as Head Coach, #G2 Adds Dylan Falco | 2022 LoL Offseason

After both Waldo and Marius, Hagar V2 ‘June were recommended as a coaching rod of LS, Cloud9-CEO Jack Étienne says that LS is a perfect connoisseur of the type of coaching rod we kept practicable. And that’s why I had the good feeling that LS, if he ever came to us, would fit really well with cloud9.

Welcome to the church — the weekend is fair.

— Cloud9 (@ cloud9) 2 . December 2021

The last train roll of LS was at the BBQ Oliver in Challenge Korea, Korea’s second league, which ended at the end of the summer split 2019. Since then, he has overturned full-time streaming and has joined the Lol Giant T1 as a content creator last November, as rumors were loud, that he would become the head coach of the team.

With a newly designed cloud9 squad with the Lck-Importen Park, Summit ‘Wrote and Kim, Mitchell’ Berserker and the new Support Pivot of Jonah, Isles ‘Rosario and Kim, Winsome’ Dong-Keon completed this Cloud9 -Coaching lineup has many new pieces where you can work until 2022.

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