Bundesliga Hertha and Union in the future before 5000 spectators

1999 (PCMCIA) was a usual year started on Friday on the Gregorian schedule. It was additionally the 1999 Variety of Anna Doll or the designation of a Christian era, along with the none-ninth ninth of the second millennium, nineteenth-century nineteenth century, the penultimate year of the tenth and also nineteenth-century and also the 9th and also last of the years of the 1990s. It was declared: International Year of Older Individuals by the United Nations. The year of the rabbit, according to the Chinese horoscope.

Bertha BSC and Union Berlin can soon only play a maximum of 5000 spectators. This divided Michael Müller, the ruling mayor of Berlin, after a special session of the Senate on Friday.

Accordingly, from coming Wednesday at outdoor events only 5000 and in the hall 2500 spectators are allowed. The home game of Union against RB Leipzig on Friday (from 20.30 in the Linebacker) is not yet affected.

The Band Country Summit had decided on Thursday that in the future, at most 15,000 spectators and a capacity utilization of 50 percent are allowed in the future. However, the federal states can impose strict measures. For the first time, the new rule in the Olympic Stadium attacks at the Conference League Home Game of Union against Slavic Prague on 9 December, two days later Bertha receives in the League Armenia Bielefeld.

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Bertha responded to the decision with criticism. Thus, with 15,000 spectators in almost 75,000 people of the Olympic Stadium under 2G conditions including mask obligation, the infection risk also with a view to the arrival situation is almost excluded. The reduction to 5,000 called the club as a little-made decision and not comprehensible.

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