Battlefield 2042 What should be worn in the development according to insiders

Battlefield Vietnam is a first-person capturing video game of the Battlefield collection, the following complying with Battlefield 1942. The computer game was developed by Digital Illusions CE and also published by Electronic Arts on March 15, 2004, in North America and also March 19, 2004, Europe.

Tom Henderson in 2042 accompanied the development of Battlefield as an insider and until the release and also reported on beyond what is supposed to be run behind the scenes by DICE.

Now Henderson has released a video in which he characterized the development of the game is a timeline of events and provides insights, all of which should have gone wrong in Battlefield 2,042nd

In the forum of Western the user Saucycarpdog has created a summary of the videos that we have translated for you. About some things, we have also been reported in the past few months.

That should have gone wrong in the development of Battlefield 2042, according to insiders:

During the release of Battlefield developer V left the studio, as Electronic Arts wanted to compete with other games (Battle Royales and normal shooters) and the internal concepts of the team were never considered.
EA was basically the memo out copies of what is popular.

‘Battlefield 2042’ developer shares beta insights and reveals new operators
The classes were beginning 2020 deleted.
Work from home office with cross gene for five different platforms with hardware was very painful for the developers.
The game was converted from April to August 2020 from a battle royale in a Battlefield title. It had basically so a development time of about 18 months with 128 players and specialists.
The original concept of the game was transformed into hazard zone.
In August 2020, the production really took off and the concepts were consolidated. So basically 15 months real production.
The leaked trailer (epilepsy trailer) was shown early in 2021 in production and was at the same time in its finished form of quality assurance. It used Assets of Battlefield 3 and 4. FIG.
The well ahead of schedule was a huge lie. Former and current DICE developers say that it was based on unfounded predictions.
In March 2021 DICE was overwhelmed and acknowledged that they needed help from others. That made it despite help but not simply because it is the engine and lack of experience with it was a problem.
Later, it was obvious that things like the user interface would cause many problems.
The following is a technical test, which was naturally unstable and as mentioned in the video, Orbital was a concept map. It became clear that the game was far behind schedule. Henderson got evidence is that Battlefield 2042 in a difficult state located and there was a stressful work environment, which was not due to a Crunchbase, but rather because of problems with the management, etc.).
Henderson received the news that the beta and the launch would delay the game, but only a few hours later it was clear that the delay was not weeks months.
The beta was basically an alpha, which has been launched.
In summary, it can be said that the vast majority of developing problems due to massive lack of time. In a time were common in the delays of 3-6 months, you could benefit from an additional year or so.
And since so many people have gone over the development period, the studio DICE is so different that it should be renamed to reflect now to the reality.
Many projects have been set, including a Bad Company 3, covered by the EA that it would not sell for any reason.

Here is the video of Tom Henderson:

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