MP40 Warzone PC Player 24 Best Attachments and Classes

Call of Duty: Vanguard is a first-person shooting video clip game Developed by SledgeHammer Gaming and also modified by Activision, launched November 5, 2021, on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Collection as well as Microsoft Windows. It is the 18th episode of the Call of Duty series, started in 2003. This opus indicators the return of the franchise business during the period of the Second World War, manipulated for the last time in 2017, with Call of Duty: WWII.

The MP40 is celebrating its debut in Call of Duty War zone, and the machine gun from the time of World War II strikes on the battlefields of Caldera and Rebirth Iceland certainly a blow. Although it has perhaps not super high rate of fire as some of the best OTs9 War zone loadouts, the MP40 is proud that it has and in terms of bullet velocity and damage ranges peak values ​​in its class also has a very manageable recoil control.

*NEW* MP40 META in WARZONE PACIFIC SEASON 1!???? (Best MP 40 SMG Class Setup) Best Vanguard Gun Warzone
Consequently, it is a great option for the support of snipers. They could be equipped with attachments that make you superfast and give you unbelievable Sufferer for this dogfighting your MP40, but it is for this type of work is not as effective as weapons like the OTs9 or MAC 10th

Instead, it is the preferred way to integrate the weapon in a War zone equipment, by making your MP40 a versatile proximity up to medium-range weapon that a sniper — or perhaps a tactical long-range gun or an assault rifle — accompanied. In this role, the MP40 is certainly one of the best War zone weapons for this job.

So let us in this MP40 PC Player 24 dive in and show you which attachments, perks and equipment you need to achieve the Kill Caldera.

MP40 War zone Lade out

Here is the best MP40 War zone PC players use 24 for you immediately:

snout: Mercury silencer
Drum: Krausnick 317 mm 04B
Appearance: slate reflector / G16 2.5x
share Krausnick 33M folding
underflow: Schnitzel front handle
Journal: 9 mm 64 round drums
type of ammunition: Extends
Rear handle: plastic handle
knowledge Unmarked
Kit: Quick

With 64 rounds in the magazine and a decent range and damage figures this MP40 is an ideal option for the support of or snipers could slower players in a traditional one-AR-a-SMG PC Player 24 meet.

Extended ammunition will also increase your projectile velocity, while the Quick-Perk makes you extremely light and Unmarked perk gives you after eliminating of opponents quiet steps.

The Slate Reflector is the best short-range optics in the game but if you wish to participate in other shootings in the long distance, the G16 2.5x rifle scope is perfect.

When looking for hyperaggressivem SMG game, this may not be the right weapon for you. However, if you have a reliable, easy-to-use search SMG, which is effective in most distances, you should include these MP40 build definitely in your next PC players 24th

MP40 War zone PC Player 24 secondary

As already mentioned, the MP40 can be a great support weapon for a sniper class, so combine them with your preferred sniper. You may also carry out a long-range assault rifle combine, and our personal favorite is the NZ-41. Check out our NZ-41 War zone PC Player 24 Guidelines for a great build on.

MP40 War zone PC Player 24 perks and power equipment

For benefits, we recommend Double Time, Overkill and Amped — a proven trio that is still effective, as we enter the era of War zone Pacific.

The equipment was messed up, but a combination of stun grenades and Semtex (or frags when you play Vanguard Royale) is probably still the best option.

The MP40 could thanks to its popularity in Vanguard and its incredible versatility have a serious impact on the War zone Meta. We can not wait to watch as it tried some of the best SMG of Modern Warfare and Black Ops Cold War to dethrone.

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