Lost ARK Release appointment of the MMOS for Europe is finally tight

It is known though for some time that the MMO Lost Ark will only go towards the beginning of 2022 in Europe at the start. So far, however, there was no concrete appointment. This little secret has finally ventilated Amazon Games and the team of Delegate RPG as part of The Game Awards.


When does Lose Ark start in Europe?

As Amazon Games announced at the event, the starting signal should fall on the PC on February 11, 2022. Then European fans can finally fall into the online adventure, which could already gain a great popularity in countries such as Russia and South Korea. There are already several million players in often as Diablo-Killer titled MMO.

However, there is a way to enter the game earlier in the game: All buyers of a so-called pioneer package receive a preliminary discount for Lost Ark. So you are allowed already from 8 February and thus started three days earlier.

What are the pioneer packages from Lost Ark?

Lost Ark is a Free2Play game with real money purchases. Now you can see you for real money, the pioneer packages with all sorts of extras buy. It exists in four different versions of bronze to platinum and cost 14.99 to 99.99 euros. Besides the aforementioned pre-release access the packages contain — depending on equipment — including an exclusive pet, limited to 30 days Buff with various bonuses and a certain amount of premium currency that you exchange for game currency can.

Source: Amazon Games

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