VFL Wolfsburg VFB Stuttgart 0 2 Fifth mandatory games bankruptcy in a row for the wolves

Vain fur Bewegungsspiele Stuttgart 1893 e. V., frequently understood as VfB Stuttgart (German pronunciation: [faʊʔɛfˈbeː ˈʃtʊtɡaʁt], is a German sports club based in Stuttgart, Baden-Württemberg. The club’s football team is presently part of Germany’s first department, the Bundesliga. VfB Stuttgart is among Germany’s most effective clubs. The club has actually won the championship game 5 times, most lately in 2006– 07, the DFB-Pokal three times and also the UEFA Interest Mug a record three times.
The football interplay its house games at the Mercedes-Benz Field, in the Neckarpark which lies near the Cannstatter Weyden, where the city’s loss beer celebration occurs. 2nd team side VfB Stuttgart II currently plays in the Regionally Suggest, which is the 2nd highest possible department permitted a reserve team. The club’s junior teams have won the nationwide U19 champions a record 10 times and the Under 17 Bundesliga 6 times.

1st Away-Win for Stuttgart | Wolfsburg - Stuttgart 0-2 | All Goals | Matchday 15 – Bundesliga 21/22
A membership-based club with over 64,000 members, CFB is the biggest sporting activities club in Baden-Württemberg and the fifth-largest in Germany. It has departments for fastball, area hockey, track as well as area, table tennis, as well as football referees, all of which complete just at the amateur degree. The club additionally preserves a social department, the VfB-Garde.

No trophy, no Champions League — and in the Bundesliga a banger look down? The VFL Wolfsburg slips under coach Florian Krefeld deeper and deeper into the crisis, against the VfB Stuttgart lost the ambitious Lower Saxony completely earned with 0: 2 (0: 1) and conceded the fifth mandatory game defeat in series. The lead to the descent zone suddenly only four points.

Florian Krefeld pressed the lips on each other and quickly looked at the path in the cabin, on the stand on the stand manager Jörg Schmidt lossless in the dark sky: A bloodless VFL Wolfsburg towers the winter break — and must after the completely deserved 0: 2 (0 : 1) Against the VfB Stuttgart in the Bundesliga even Being looks throw down.

We just do not get the shit thing in the goal, so we’re there again with empty hands, said a visibly grated Maximilian Arnold at Sky — and responded to the question of missing passion snappy: Shit on the passion, I even see that at all Not so! We are in a phase where nothing manages. We have to turn this together in the right direction.

However, the fifth mandatory defeat in series makes the crisis real, the lead to the descent zone suddenly only four points. These left the Stuttgart thanks to the matches of birthday child Konstantinos Madroños (25th) and Philipp Forster (63.). Omar Marmots also put a foul foot of the latte and awarded the chance to the third goal (60th).

We have had a broad breast and brought our game, said Forster. The striker was always open to the VFL: Today they were not present at all, have not shown any resistance. With now 17 points, CFB has a counter advantage for relegation plate 16.

Madroños and forest meet for the CFB

Wolfsburg has 20 points in the account. In the DFB Cup, the team has not been represented since the beginning of August, last Wednesday, the wolves played against the OSC Lille (1: 3) then to overwinter in the Champions League — the Bundesliga and especially the game against Stuttgart was therefore of particular importance to.

All too much expected Krefeld, who had taken the office at the end of October, but not of his team. Currently we have to come more about dynamics and intensity, he said last, we will not suddenly play dreamlike combination football. And so the game was then also, Wolfsburg operated a lot with long balls, the nursed football played the CFB.

The leadership hit of the Swabia was almost exemplary. On several stations, the ball ran around and through the penalty area of ​​the hosts, without a Wolfs burger crucially intervene. In the end, a violence of Madroños followed in the angle. The Greek central backing was on Saturday 24 years old.

The crew of coach Pelegrín Matarazzo attacked earlier and brought over and again many players in Torn near — so then the 2: 0. Forster was one of numerous potential customers in the penalty area and made a short distance.


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VFL Wolfsburg — VfB Stuttgart: The listings

Wolfsburg: Castles — Baby (67th Baku), Delacroix, Barnaul, Paulo Octavio (52. Bouillon) — Franck (21st Guilavogui), Arnold — Steffen (66th Lukebakio), Goldschmidt (66th Mecca) — Defrost, Mecca.

Stuttgart: Müller — Madroños, Anton, Ito — Razor — Massimo (26th Stengel), End, Mandala, Culinary (80th Leaflets) — Forster (74. Kemp), Marmots (80th Atom Mumps).

VFL Wolfsburg — VfB Stuttgart: The voices of the coaches

Florian Krefeld (coach Wolfsburg): We did not make a good game. We are unsure, setbacks do not hurt us at the moment. But we also saw a game with two good chances and a penalty for Stuttgart, on the Other side, however, there were ten good opportunities for us. The phase in which we are is stupid, we do not have to talk about it. We have little time to train, some players are a bit away from their performance. But we have to Stay closed now, such phases do you carry out in football. I believe in the group and to their quality, we have to get points against Cologne and Bavaria now.

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Pelegrín Matarazzo (coach Stuttgart): I believe that we have shown size. Despite the short-term failures, we have managed to be a unity, stay calm and focus on our performance. I have the guys Said: If we manage that, then we score. We got seven points from the last three games and are on a very good way.

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