Eintracht Frankfurt Bayer Leverkusen 5 2 Chic

The lightning starters of Bayer Leverkusen have been stopped despite a double pack of record hunter Patrick Schick on their triumphant in the football Bundesliga. The Rhinelander lost despite 2002: 0 leadership with an inexorably fighting Eintracht Frankfurt 2: 5 (2: 2) and missed the fourth victory in series. The championship can already write off the Herself at ten points behind Bayern Munich.

Even before the spectacle of spectacles, the fans of Eintracht Frankfurt agreed and cheered their team with standing ovations. With a furious 5: 2 (2: 2), the Hesse Bayer Leverkusen shot out of the stadium — despite an early 0: 2 residue.

Our mentality is incredibly big. That was the party we wanted to throw. Turning the game is sensational, said Frankfurt Christopher Lens at DAZN. Fibril Sow, one of the five scorers, supplemented, We had chances for seven goals against such a strong opponent, it was a great game. I’m glad I can help the team with goals.

The Swiss provided with a crashing distance shot (76.) for the final point, before Tuna (23rd), Jesper Windstorm (30th) Evan Nick (50.) and Kristian Basic (66.) were successful.

Leverkusen was a flash start succeeded: Patrick Schick (5th, 22nd, trademark after video proof) achieved his goal directors 13 and 14 — never met a Bayer professional in the round. But Bayer had little to oppose the Frankfurt storm run in the episode and missed the fourth victory in a row.

Frankfurt manufactures Leverkusen: Have filled us completely

After 2: 0 it was a catastrophe of us, we did not feel a duel more won. They have completely eaten at the end, Robert And rich, goalkeeper Lukas Radetzky scolded did not feel that we were there and demanded : Everyone has to wonder if he wanted to win the duels. While Leverkusen’s residue on table leaders of Bayern Munich on ten counters, Frankfurt can slowly squint European directions.

During the week, Contract to secure the group victory in the Europa League on Thursday in Istanbul (1: 1) had to compete with full chapel, Bayer-Coach Gerardo Sloane, on the other hand, rotated strongly in the meaningless 0: 1 in Budapest.

But from missing rhythm, nothing was felt in front of 12,000 spectators, after a dream attack on Florian With and And rich made chic out of turn. And then Leverkusen remained on the pusher, but needed a penalty for the second goal a penalty after hand from Sow. Chic enforced the 5000th penalty of the Bundesliga history casually in the middle.

The Contract was offensively unsolicited until that time — and then had a response from the nothing only one minute later. Tuna met after a corner from the tens with the first goal shot. The Hesse woke up, becoming a lot of handy in the two-fighting. Reward was the compensation of Windstorm after 40 meters dream pass from Sow.

And the Contract remained dominant even after the change. Nick met after a corner, Rafael Bore (52.), Martin Interledger (53.), Filip Poetic (55th) and the substitute Jens Better Huge (56.) left more upward.

Eintracht Frankfurt — Bayer Leverkusen: The statements

Frankfurt : Trap — Tuna, Interledger, Nick — The Costa (85. Tour), Basic, SO (85th Rode), Poetic — Windstorm (46th Huge, 64. Lens), Ramada (87th Hammers) — Trainer: Glaser

Eintracht Frankfurt - Bayer 04 Leverkusen 5-2 | Highlights | Matchday 15 – Bundesliga 2021/22

Leverkusen : Radetzky — Crimping (75th Bellcrank), TAH, Tapioca, India — And rich (66th Palacios), Tranquil (66th Derby) — Diary, With (80th Amir), DLI — Schick (80. Alaric). — Trainer: Sloane

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