Hearthstone When and against who do the Argentine Nalguidan play

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Hearthstone is one of the disciplines where Latin America is present. Argentina will send to Fecund Nalguidan Arezzo, Winner of the Americas Season 1, directly at World Championship 2021. There he will share goal with seven more players who come from other regional leagues, covering from America to China.

The Hearthstone World Cup gathers the Top 8 of the 2021 competitive season. It is played with a phase of two groups with four competitors each, in double tournament format for the best of five. Only the Top 2 will reach the qualifiers, which will maintain the same number of matches in a direct disposal format. That is, there is no space for errors and a bad day can end with a year of preparations.

About the Awards Exchange, Blizzard Entertainment will put $500,000 USD distributed as follows:

1st place: $200,000 USD
2nd place: $100,000 USD
3° -4° Place: $50,000 USD
5° -6° Place: $25,000 USD
7° -8° Place: $25,000 USD

Now, with this information, let’s talk about nalguidan. The Argentine will compete in the group next to Gabriel Gaby Jeanne (France), Timing (China) and Water poses hibachi (Japan). The opening party of Him is against Timing, China winner, next December 18 at 10:15 MX / 11:15 CO / 13:15 AR / 17:15 EN. The parties will be transmitted in the official media of Hearthstone.

The World Championship is of Tier 1 category, forming part of the circuit Grand Master. Nalguidan ranked the World Contest on June 6. The Argentine is part of Oxygen ESports, an American organization with presence at Rainbow Six Siege. He also dressed the colors of Taurus and Furious Gaming, two of the teams with greater history in Latin America.

The Hearthstone World Cup will corporate a champion on December 19. Due to the pandemic of the Coronavirus (Covid-19), it was not possible to have all the participants in one place.

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