Forza Horizon 5 8000 years barrier due to inappropriate paint

Iseng Pasang Gambar Kim Jong-un Di Mobil nya Gamer ini Dibanned Forza Horizon 5

For the publication of an inappropriate In game painting, a player of the Open World Racing Game forza Horizon 5 was occupied with an 8000-year-old barrier. The paint questionnaire shows the face of the North Korean ruler Kim Jong-un next to the logo of Fast food chain Kentucky Fried Chicken. In addition, the Send Nukes lettering and modified brand logos such as Nuke Balance instead of New Balance, a Nike logo, in which the brand name was changed in Nuke and Pyongyang to see in the style of the Pirelli lettering. According to a friend of the creator, which made the case open to the public, this was the first violation of the player, and he has never been locked in a game before. Whether he will try to proceed against the blocking is not known yet.

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