1 FC Cologne Modeste Baumgart praises LEADER HECTOR

The 1st FC Cologne has perfectly completed the December December. The draw in Bielefeld (1: 1) and the home defeat against Augsburg (0: 2, where only three meters was only three points), the Geißbock-Club had two victories followed. The 3: 2 in Wolfsburg and the 1-0 against Stuttgart for the round-round graduation were the first two threesome in a row in this season. At the right time this double pack came, Cologne’s sport chief Jörg Jakob said after the final whistle of the calendar year 2021.

FC sport boss Jakob does not expect changes in the squad

In the face of eight, he did not want to be back to the Champions League places and eight meters to rank 16 (VfB Stuttgart) in the face of eight with three points. The league is extremely tight together, so we should look down from time to time, collect points and see what then comes out, says Jacobs.

At least the Cologne is athletic in a situation where you do not need to use the winter transfer phase to make any squad corrections. Even though such questions do not depend on a game of game as today, as Jakob’s notes, the FC sports director is relaxed in this transfer window. We do not plan with new additions or disposals. If any things happen, from whom we do not know anything today, then we react.

The 89th minute makes the Cologne Harder

The focus of current Cologne bliss was once more Anthony Modest. The center forces suggested in the 89th minute as at the winning goal during the week and is now at eleven right round hits — in his best season at FC (2016/17, a total of 25 goals), the powerful attacker had set 13 times in winter. For the 33-year-old Frenchman, however, this evening was also a very special, because: Exactly three years ago, I lost my dad. I think he was there for me, that’s why that was something emotional For me, says after the final whistle in conversation with DAZN.

Just three years ago I lost my dad. I think he was there for me.

Antony Modest

In the field FC coach Steffen Rampart had hugged the emotionally visibly touched modes test, the striker hit his coach three times with the flat hand on his back — a sign of thanks, after all, it was rampart, who refused new trust the striker. We were honest with each other. That’s cool for me, said modest to his performance explosion.

Rampart and Modest: First comfort, then criticism and a late praise

Cologne’s coach Steffen Rampart and his match winner Anthony Modest. Imago Images / Jan Hefner

Rampart, however, did not mark in the direction of modest, because the coach found the game of his match winner especially in the first half not so prickling. And even after a final whistle he did not want to tune in the general modest praise: We can now celebrate all the Tony again, but for me something else was crucial, says Rampart, which looked at the three eliminations in the 57th minute.

Jonas has shown his qualities, which he has been doing here for years, namely, and be a leader.

Steffen Rampart

As a result, especially the nominal left-back Jonas Hector continued to move forward and remove from a central position more influence on the walled game of the Geißbock-Eleven. We had more access. Jonas has shown his qualities what he has been doing here for years, namely, and be a leader, Rampart praised his captain at DAZN.

Trickshots mit Steffen Baumgart und dem Coaching Staff beim Karnevalstraining
And finally, modest still got a few verbal petting units with his coach: To make the header at the same time, you have to have a certain quality, so the former striker for the 89th minute, the 15,000 Cologne followers in the stadium accepted.

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