Black desert red battlefield new area Capital Valencia added

Atacama’s desert is a literary location of South America situated between the South Pacific Ocean as well as the Central Andean Volcanic Zone, in north Chile and the severe south of Peru. Atacama is recognized to be among the most deserts in the world. Some fields can be absolutely robbed of rainfall for even more than 50 years. It is a sanctuary desert stuck between the oceanic pit of Atacama and the Andes Cordillera. It lies in the north of the nation as well as covers the area of Arica and also Parinacota, the Carapace area, the Antofagasta region as well as the north of the Atacama region. The Atacama Desert develops an earthbound bioregion defined by the Global Fund for Nature (WWF), which belongs to the biome of the deserts as well as nerve brushes of nootropic ozone. It consists of the cities of Antofagasta, Ca lama, Arica, Iquique as well as Copiap√≥, with greater than 100,000 occupants.
Nation Aymara, the Atacama provides a volcanic line, noting the border in between Chile, Bolivia and Argentina. This all-natural barrier is made up of active volcanoes near the 6,000 meters, surrounded by blue-green lagoons, geysers and also encased valleys. The Atacama Desert is renamed for its stellar nights as a result of its location in the intertropical area, integrating severe drought, altitude and extremely low light pollution. Several international astronomical observatories have actually therefore developed itself in this extraterrestrial desert where NASA tested tiny lorries before they obtain discovering Mars. The four-wheeled robot called Zoe (EN) found nests of bacteria and also lichens on 2 separate websites of this desert which nonetheless presents the lowest natural task density of the Earth.

Part, Bis announced on the 22nd, the Black Desert PVP content ‘Red Battle’ new area ‘Valencia’ showed the Valencia.

With a PVP content that can be used as long as the red battlefield is more than 50 levels, the user can choose the camp of the Black Desert, Red Desert Army.

Capital Valencia is a new way to acquire scores through local occupation, not to cope with the first time to prepare for the first time on the red battlefield. Users can enjoy a strategic play that utilizes the opponent regions and pro trends the opponent area by utilizing major backgrounds such as the house and stairs and roofs of Valencia village, which was peaceful. A rebuff effect is granted to be difficult to play Vertical plays around the occupation area.

Valencia Red Battlefield (RBF), Manor Stages, Season Sycrakea (Black Desert Global Lab, 17 Des 2021)

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