Ski Alpin Slalom of men in Madonna di Campiglio now in the live ticker

The second men’s slalom of the season takes place today in Madonna di Camilo. Spot ticks the race live for you.

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The ski rides in Madonna di Camilo first the second slalom of the still young season. Who Brakes the 100 points? In our live ticker you miss nothing.

Ski Alpine: Men’s Slalom in Madonna di Camilo — Lift in the 1st course

Rank | Name | time

1. | Clement Noel | 45.73
2. | Sebastian FOSS Rolvaag | \ + 0.53
3rd | Kristopher Jacobsen | \ + 0.70
4. | Dave Riding | \ + 0.73
5. | Alexis Pinault | \ + 0.80
6. | Alex Vintage | \ + 0.93
7. | Henrik Kristoffersen | \ + 1.34
8. | Luca Arena | \ + 1.38

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Ski Alpine: Slalom of men in Madonna di Camilo — now in the live ticker

Anton Trammel (GER): The disaster for the DSV continues! Anton Trammel does not seem to feel comfortable at its skis, is far too hard in its movements and books the slowest time of all athletes previously arrived.

Johannes Stroll (AUT): Johannes Stroll makes it better! With a hosted ride, the 29-year-old races on the eleventh place and is therefore up-to-date best Austrians.

Marc Digger (AUT): The next Austrian can not polish the previously very modest OSV balance. Marc Digger Part in the same place as fell and black, but at least saves himself. Rank 30 will not be enough for the final.

Veto Schrödinger (SUI): Veto Schrödinger goes to 80th world couples very committed, but there is almost a bit too much pressure on the boards. So on this piste nothing goes today and nothing is going to be with the top 30.

Noel again on and from it: The top 30 brought the first passage of the night slalom in Madonna di Camilo. On the top of France, France’s high-flyer Clement Noel, which lies over half a second before the Norwegian Sebastian Foss-Solevag. With the Sweden Kristopher Jacobsen, Dave Riding from the United Kingdom, the Alexis Pinturbault and the Italian Alex Vintage are four other drivers within a second behind and argue around the podium. DSV-Star Linus Stressed is as well as the Austrian Manuel Feller and Marco Schwarz and the Swiss Daniel Yule unfortunately excreted. We keep the events on the Can alone Minamoto, of course, keep an eye on the view and report us as soon as something interesting does.

Marc Rocha (SUI): Marc Rocha is already estimating at the beginning of a transition and loses important speed. Rank 22 is at the end to beech. Also, for Rocha it is now waiting and hoping.

Erik Read (CAN): In the flat piece above Erik Read is perfect on the way and turn on top times. Only when it goes into the steep, Canadians get off two punches that throw him out of the train. Nevertheless, 15 is neat.

Mate Ludovic (CRO): Mate Ludovic also shy the last risk and does not actively, actively work. After all, the Croats come through without coarse mistakes and has good chances on the second run on the 19.

Sandro Simone (SUI): Sandro Simone will have to tremble his final part. After a more careful and leisurely ride, the Swiss is first ranked 23. Slower has been no one yet.

Giuliano Ravioli (ITA): Created by the domestic audience, Giuliano Ravioli goes down the slopes. Just like Stefano big before, however, he can not release the skis right and works from gate to gate. From rank 14 but certainly is still something.

Stefano Gross (ITA): The Italian is often a bit too late and can fall back too far. So he will never get the necessary pace in his run and lies much back after a backless idea.

Timon Human (NOR): Timon Human Part in the entrance to the steep powerful and robs the chance for a perfect result. Because too, it is enough for the Norwegian to a top ten place. There was more in there!

Armand Merchant (BE): Armand Merchant keeps the opportunities for a good placement with a solid lecture. The Belgian wobbles only in the steep slope once and holds the residue for two seconds. Much more likely to be hardly possible.

Albert Poor (BUL): Albert Poor shows how it can go! The Bulgar rides aggressively on the rods, pulls his tight line fully through and resting in the top ten.

Alexander Khoroshilov (US): What’s going on here? Alexander Khoroshilov is at least clean again and remains under two seconds behind. For top Tenn, for example, is still possible.

Tanguy New (Sui): Tanguy New avoids an early departing at the top first, but the ride remains shaky and shortly before the end, the Swiss still misses a goal. New is out!

Manfred Mold (ITA): Manfred Mold does not come in properly at all and is consistently late. The 39-year-old Routinizes should also have a hard time to reach the final.

FABIO STRIKE (AUT): Really fast runs, the heavily degrading slopes can not be used anymore. Especially in the lower part all athletes lose significantly. Fabio Stream also falls back there, is currently eleven currently Best Austrians.

Luca Arena (Sui): Luca Arena was also fast in Val-d’Isère, but left. This will be spared the Swiss today, but it is really satisfied yet. A patter at the entrance in the steep slope costs almost a second and a good starting position.

Filip Public (CRO): Filip Public is also on the road in Val-d’Isère with a broad breast after his Stockerlplatz. However, you can see little today. The Croat is far too careful on the road and gets ruined two seconds.

LOÏC MILLARD (SUI): LOÏC MILLARD can not release the ski this time and gives way too much pressure on its work tools. The Swiss has most recently focused on the faster disciplines and the slalom technology has apparently suffered. Whether that’s enough for the top 30?

Alex Vintage (ITA): Alex Vintage has already demonstrated his good form this winter. Even today, the Italian is fine at first. With full risk, it is scary aggressively in the goats, but he loses the balance here and thereby time. From rank six but is still something.

Michael Matt (AUT): After all, an Austrian finally comes to aim. Michael Matt is satisfied with almost two seconds after a faulty ride but clearly not.

Daniel Yule (Sui): Almost the next failure! Daniel Yule is almost from the course at the beginning and has to save himself acrobatically. That succeeds, but all flow is there, and it will only be a walk for the winner of 2018.

David Riding (GBR): Also David Riding is at the front! Emotionally, the Briton sneaks down the Can alone Minamoto and playfully takes the gates playfully. On the last meters, Riding gives away for a slight Tackler a bit, has fourth place but still all the chances.

Kristopher Jacobsen (SWE): Kristopher Jacobsen should cope with this course. After all, his coach put this. The Swede works more with the upper body as Clement Noel, but is also fast on the road. Three rank for Jacobsen.

Linus Stressed: Au Was! Linus Stressed had made so much for this slalom. And then he slips away on the fifth goal and misses the curve. The next failure!

Victor Muff at Janet (FRA): Victor Muff at Janet does not approach close to the time of his leading country man. The 32-year-old can never leave the skis properly and struggles with effort and hardship.

Manuel Feller (AUT): The next Austrian is on the way. Also, Manuel Feller does not come well into the race and is always a bit late. In the hairpin shortly before the destination threads then he also threads an abundance and is also out!

Marco black (AUT): Marco black is not quite back in the form of the last winter, but last too. The Austrian has problems today and loses continuously. And then black threads a shortly before the finish one and is leaving!

Clement Noel (FRA): Now comes the dominator of Val-d’Isère! Clement Noel is also in Treating for Furious on the way and conjures up the next dream run in the snow. The Frenchman is gauges close to the rods and flies down the slopes slightly footed. Half a second lead for Noel!

Henrik Kristoffersen (NOR): Henrik Kristoffersen is again full of self-confidence after his victory in the giant slalom of Alta Bahia. The Norwegian attacks away from the start, but exaggerates it slightly and edges twice. State eight tenths loses Kristoffersen on his leading compatriot.

Sebastian FOSS Soledad (NOR): Sebastian FOSS Soledad have almost all experts on the note. After his second place in the previous year, the Norwegian wants to completely forward this time. Slightly cocked FOSS Soledad is once easy, but otherwise is very fluid and swift. Guide!

Ramon Zenhäusern (SUI): Ramon Zenhäusern makes two technical mistakes on the short course, which has been plugged by the Swedish coach, and must pull the brake twice. That costs scary a lot of pace and thus the chance of top time.

Alexis Pinault (FRA): From go! Alexis Pinault is underway and master the flat start without problems. At the entrance to the steep slope of the Frenchman shaking briefly, but is still safe and puts down in 46.53 seconds, the first reference time.

Alpine skiing: slalom of the men in Madonna di Camilo — Start 1st run

Before the start: The Team Swiss is listed in Madonna di Camilo by Daniel Yule, who had missed the podium in Val-d’Isère only four hundredths. Also, Luca Arena, Ramon Zenhäusern, Loïc Mallard, Sandro Simone and Tanguy New is a top ten placement. The Swiss team of Marc Rocha, Veto Schrödinger and Noel of Grunge is completed.

Before the start: After Catherine Feinberger and Christian Matter there the next Corona case in the camp of the Austrian Ski Federation. Christian Hirschbühl that the parallel race in Lech / Furs had recently celebrated his first World Cup victory, tested positive for Covid-19 and missed today’s slalom. The hopes of the Austrian rest so primarily to Manuel Feller, who recently convinced in the giant slalom in Alta Bahia and Marco black. In addition, Michael Matt, Fabio Stream, Dominik Rancher, Joshua Storm, Johannes Stroll and Marc Digger are included.

Before starting: German From the perspective was the first slalom in Val-d’Isère a disappointment. Only Julian Raucous could go on rank 24 in the points. Linus Stressed missed the final after several driving errors and wants to now in the top 15, to work on the Olympic standard. In addition, Anton Trammel, David Letterer and Fabian Himmelsbach go for the DSV to the track.

Before the start: The World Cup in the Italian province of Treating is only the second slalom of the season. The first and only slalom of the season, the Frenchman Clement Noel ahead of Sweden’s Kristopher Jacobsen and the Croats Filip Public decided in Val d’Isère for themselves.

Before the start: At 17.45 German time the first passage begins. The second starts at 20.45.

Before the start: Hello and welcome to the live ticker for the men’s slalom in Madonna di Camilo (Italy).

Alpine skiing: slalom of the men in Madonna di Camilo today on TV and live stream

The art competition is broadcast on free television. Eurosport shows the slalom on the transmitter Eurosport 1 live and in full length. Because of the cooperation between DAZN and Eurosport the World Cup runs at DAZN. Eurosport 1 and 2 Eurosport are in fact part of the DAZN -Angeles.

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Alpine skiing: the state in the World Cup of Men

Place | Name | Points

1. | Marco Zermatt | 633
2. | Matthias Mayer | 405
3rd | Aleksander Almost Wilde | 329
4. | Henrik Kristoffersen | 287
5. | Vincent Kriechmayr | 277
6. | Beat Feud | 255
7. | Alexis Pinault | 234
8. | Luca De Aliprandini | 207
9. | Manuel Feller | 181
10. | Dominik Paris | 174

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