Sonic Frontiers Possible release

The Japanese Developer Studio Sonic Team announced at this year’s Game Awards Sonic Frontiers. The blue hedgehog will experience a large Open World Adventure in its new game.

In the Announcement Trailer The new Sonic game was called the Christmas season 2022 as a Release Period. Now the release date for Sonic Frontiers was narrowed closer through a Leak.

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When does Sonic Frontiers appear?

Responsible for the Leak is the Twitter account PlayStation Game Size, which dedicates up updates that come directly from the PlayStation Store database. The account releases the download size of games or the release and preload date.

For Sonic Frontiers, PlayStation Game Size predicts that the new Open World Game on 15 . November 2022 will appear. This date would cover with the release period from the Announcement Trailer anyway.

PlayStation Game Size in his tweet to Leak still notes that this date from the PlayStation Store database could also be a placeholder. Publisher Sega and developer Sonic Team could have set the date temporarily to an appointment in the fourth quarter of 2022.

But fans of the Twitter account argue against the last conversion. For the Sonic fans, it seems unlikely that a Tuesday in November was set as a placeholder. Normally, a placeholder date is set at the end of a month.

It is also a fact that Sonic games appeared in the past in November. For example Sonic Unleashed, Sonic Colors, Sonic Generations and Sonic Forces have all been published in November. This can be a pure coincidence, but makes the release date more believable.

Whether PlayStation Game Size is kept right, still remains to be seen.

What is it in Sonic Frontiers?

Currently, very little is known about Sonic Frontiers. The game was last presented in the Game Awards 2021 in a new trailer. Although no gameplay has been shown in the trailer, but a large open world is presented, which is new for Sonic games.

Loud Creative Officer Takanashi Izuku by Sonic team will be a big leap forward for the series:

Sonic Frontiers is a big step forward for the franchise and offers a further developed gaming experience that will inspire both long-standing Sonic fans and action adventure enthusiasts. With the efforts of the talented developers of Sonic Team Japan we have a completely new one Gaming experience for Sonic The Hedgehog created in which the players can explore lush and extensive landscapes with Sonic’s typical speed and skills. In Sonic Frontiers, there will be many surprises on every corner, and we look forward to seeing more information about the coming months To reveal the game.

Looking for Secrets in Sonic Frontiers' Reveal Trailer - Real Time Analysis

The release date for Sonic Frontiers must still be officially confirmed. It is already known that the game for PC, PS4 & PS5, Xbox One & Series X | S, as well as for the Nintendo Switch will appear.

Source: Twitter

Are you looking forward to the new Sonic adventure?

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