Watford-Tottenham 0 1

This time really was missing a few minutes, but again the FC Watford has failed something that is indispensable in football: also on the 21st Premier League game day, the newcomer remained not without goal.

To deeply in the replay time, the deepest hosts brought the Tottenham Hotspur on New Year’s Day for despair. If even a ball came dangerous through the dense defense series, Keeper Eichmann was always on the spot, especially against Son (72nd).

Watford is dist ripped by penalty — Son puts Sector

Watford v. Tottenham Hotspur | PREMIER LEAGUE HIGHLIGHTS | 1/1/2022 | NBC Sports

But in the final phase, it was then dramatic: First Watford was denied a possible penalty to Lori’s board against João Pedro (81.), then the game interrupted for several minutes because it had come to a medical emergency on the ranks. When this was under control, according to the hosts, the game was continued — and Tottenham struck.

Son brought a free kick from the left side with sharpness in the five-meter room, where defender Sanchez directed the ball to the net (90. + 6). The late, but deserved victory hit for the Spurs, which remain unbeaten under coach Antonio Conte in the league and now two outstanding games to two points are on the fourth-placed archival arsenal.

CONTEST LANDSMAN CLAUDIO Ranger, on the other hand, lost with Watford for the sixth time in a row and slips deeper and deeper into the basement. Burley, Newcastle and even tissue Norwich remain in strike distance to non-shipping sites.

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