Final Fantasy 14: Pandæmonium: Asphodelos

As soon as the maintenance work of January 4th 2022 are finished, we may rush on the contents of Patch 6.05 from Final Fantasy 14: End walker. Here are the highlights of the new update:

Treasure hunt Dungeon Exploration : Exploration is a combat-based treasure hunt for groups in the style of the Lyle Which’s Lye. They are accessible through a transport telegram, which sometimes appears when a treasure has been found with an ophiotauros leather treasure map.
Pandæmonium: Asphodels (epic) : Warriors or Major of Level 90, which have completed the order in the heart of the High Guardian of the chronicles of the new era, can unlock the new game content by using Gemini in the labyrinth ole (X: 8.4 y: 27.4) speak. For the first circle, it requires an item level of 570. The second circle requires an item level of 575. The last two circles also demand item level 580 or higher of you.
Allergic stones of astronomy : As soon as a character has reached in a combat class / job level 90, he can collect allergic stones of astronomy, but at most 450 per week. The property is limited to 2,000 stones. Upon completion of the main scenario order Final Schriver can be exchanged with Chianti in Radz-At-Han (x: 10.8 y: 10.3) allergic stones of astronomy against equipment.

Click here for the official German patch notes for 6.05.

First World First Race by End Walker

Not only in World of Warcraft, ambitious guilds are competing for the fastest kills in the crisper raid challenges, but also in Final Fantasy 14. And today the opening of Pandæmonium: Asphodels (epic) is due, the first World First Race also expects us The End Walker extension.

The community of Final Fantasy 14 (Buy Now €25.98) combines the progress event with a charity campaign, in which money is collected for extra life. 76 RAID squads from Japan, NA and EU have signed up for the World First Race. The event is organized by Frosty, which is known among the players as World Race Guy, Mortal Podcaster and PVP-Shoutcaster. On his twitch channel you can follow the event in the next hours and days.


Asphodelos: The First Circle SNAPSHOT Pandemonium Raid Guide - Final Fantasy XIV Endwalker

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