Solve the problem of God of War Wont Launch on the PC

GOD OF WAR PC does not start the solution — The GOD OF WAR PC launch must be one of the most expected events in the world of games in 2022. Now that the game finally launched, the PC players around the world rejoice.

The technical problems are very common in the AAA Games these days. Especially in those who behave console to the PC platform. Horizon Zero Dawn and Detroit Become Human also had a good number of problems in the launch. The same goes for GOD OF WAR PC.

Some players report that they can not start God of War PC. While we wait for developers to launch a patch, here are some steps that you can try to solve problems.

To be honest, it is difficult to say what this problem is specifically causing. The start / launch problems can be caused by several things. And the situation is different for different users. And if the problem is on the developers side, then forget to fix it yourself. Still, here are some solutions that you can try.

How to solve the problem ‘God of War Won’t Start’ for PC

Run the GOD OF WAR executable file as administrator

The first thing you should consider doing is, try to execute the executable file or the.exe file of God of War as administrator . Just go to the folder where you installed God of War. If you do not know where to find the executable file, simply go to your Steam Library> Select GOD OF WAR> Click on the Settings button on the right> Manage> Explore local files.

Right click on goow.exe and select Properties. Now click on Compatibility and check the box next to « Run this program as administrator . Start the game directly by double-clicking on the EXE file, instead of starting it through Steam or Epic Games Launcher.

Add God of War in the list of exceptions for your antivirus in Windows Defender

Check if your antivirus software is blocking GOD OF WAR or NO . This has happened to many games this year, it was the same case with Horizon Zero Dawn. The GOD OF WAR executable or the launches associated with him may be silently quarantined by some antivirus software, which prevents the game from starting. Therefore, you may need to disable the function of real-time scanning or the real-time protection function of your antivirus to be able to play. If you do not want to completely disable the software, you must add the.exe from God of War in the list of exceptions from your antivirus software.

In case you are using Windows Defender instead of third-party antivirus software, here we show you how to add God of War in the Windows Defender Exceptions list:

  • Go to Windows 10 configuration
  • Click Update and Safety
  • Select Windows Security in the left sidebar
  • Click on Virus and Threats Protection
  • In virus and threat protection, click Manage Configuration
  • In Exclusions, click Add or Delete Exclusions
  • Click Add an exclusion
  • Select File
  • Select the.EXE or GOD OF WAR executable file

Install the new AMD and NVIDIA controllers specifically optimized for God of War PC

AMD has already released an optimized driver for God of War PC. The version is called Adrenalin 22.1.1 optional. You can download it from this link or through the automatic detection of AMD. Here are the notes of the version:

God of the war ™

  • Up to 7% increase in GOD OF WAR ™ @ 4K Ultra Settings, using Radon ™ Adrenalin Software 22.1.1 on the 16 GB Radon ™ Rx 6900 AT graphics card, compared to the previous version of the controller Software 21.12.1.
  • Up to 7% increase in performance in God of War ™ @ 4K Ultra Settings, using Radon ™ Adrenalin Software 22.1.1 on the 16 GB RADON ™ RAW 6800 AT graphics card, compared to the previous version of the controller Software 21.12.1.
  • Up to 7% increase in performance in God of War ™ @ 4K Ultra Settings, using Radon ™ Adrenalin Software 22.1.1 on the 12 GB RADON ™ RX 6700 AT graphics card, compared to the previous version of the controller Software 21.12.1.

NVIDIA either is left behind. They have also launched their Game Ready GeForce of God of War . Use the Manual Search option of drivers to find the best driver for your GPU. When installing the driver, it will optimize your system and enable compatibility with NVIDIA DSS, accelerating performance at GPU GeForce RTX. And in the GeForce GTX 900 series and the newer GPUs, you can enable Nvidia Reflex to quickly and easily reduce system latency, which makes the game fast and receptive even for the most difficult challenges.

Do this would also arrange any DirectX or Direct3D error in God of War PC.

Manually update the redistribute Microsoft Visual C ++ and restart your machine

I recommend that you update your Visual C ++ redistribute , since there is a possibility that it has not been installed correctly. If you receive errors such as VCRUNTIME140 1.DLL or No MSVCP140.dll was found, this will solve it.


Disable Steam’s entry and Steam overlay for God of War

Many people have managed to solve the launch problem by simply deactivating the Steam Input PER-GAME settings. Here is how to do it:

  • Steam
  • Go to your library
  • Right click on God of War
  • Select driver.
  • Set ‘Nullification for God of War’ in ‘Deactivate Steam Entry’
  • Try to start the game again

Steam Overlay is causing problems recently in many games. Try turning it off.

  • Go to your Steam Library
  • Right click on God of War
  • Select Properties
  • In the General tab, uncheck the box next to Enable Steam overlay while in the game

If none of the solutions mentioned above works for you, then there is no other option to reinstall the game completely. We are still testing the game. More corrections on the way!

Wait for Santa Monica Lance a patch

Taking into account how big the launch of Horizon Zero Dawn for PC, the people of Santa Monica Studio is constantly alert, addressing the problems that are presented immediately. So be patient and wait for a word from the developers. We are quite sure that they will launch a patch to solve the launch problems very soon.

If the problem you are faced is serious, go to the Steam de God of War Steam discussions and make a publication indicating your problems there. The developers are actively responding there.

That’s all folks!

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