Tennis: Djokovic goes against visuous tale

Novak Djokovic has withdrawn from the Australian government again the visa. The Posse around the world number one makes for chaos around the Australian Open — and moves further into the length.

Novak Djokovic clings to a last straw, after the next dramatic turn of battle is the tennis star against the deportation to increasingly desperate race against time. The unseeded Serb was again revoked the visa in Australia, now there is a showdown in federal court either succeed Djokovic lawyers at the last minute a start at the beginning on Monday Australian allow Open — or the defending champion sits on the plane heading home,

In a short scheduled online consultation late on Friday (local time) announced Djokovic lawyer Nick Wood as expected an appeal against the decision of the Australian Immigration Minister Alex Hawks on to cancel the visa of the Grand Slam record winner again. A verdict in the controversial Cause to fall on Sunday in the highest instance before the Federal Court of Australia, a federal court.

Djokovic fights fiercely against the threat of expulsion and an abrupt end to his targeted for Melbourne hunt for the past 21 major title even before the first serve. Start a frustrated at his favorite tournament would have a huge impact sports: Olympic champion Alexander Zeal (Hamburg) would at once along with Daniel Mercedes favorite for the title — come and could Djokovic in the world rankings from the throne.

Novak Djokovic: decision on Sunday

Time is short for Djokovic, who founded an exception to the mandatory vaccination for entering the country with a corona infection in December. On Saturday morning (8.00 am local time / Friday, 22:00 CET) to appear for questioning before the immigration authorities of the 34-year-old. Until then, the government will refrain from re-fixing. Then he stands back under control of the authorities.

If the decision backlog, waiting for Djokovic serious consequences. He would have to leave the country, in addition, he faces a three-year ban on entry to Australia. But that does not want to accept his side.

We are very concerned about the time, Wood said during the hearing before Judge Anthony Kelly in the face of the imminent start of the tournament, every minute is precious. Djokovic would have his Erstrundenbegegnung against his compatriot Miami Kecmanovic contest on Monday. In the course of the lawyer also criticized the long delay of the immigration minister.

Finally, Djokovic had to get his visa on Monday after a partial victory in court and accommodation for required to leave could leave, where he had to stay after arriving on January 5 for non-performance of the pandemic entry requirements first. Since then, the government of Australia examined further steps.


Performs Djokovic to anti-vaccination sentiment in Australia?

But the minister responsible Hawks settled here long before he met his world acclaimed decision. Apparently, the government introduced as a justification of their decision on Djokovic could in the population a feeling against Corona vaccinations stir — it presented at least represent the lawyers of the Serbs.

Prime Minister Scott Morrison had previously defended the decision. The Australians have during this pandemic brought many victims, and they rightly expect that the outcome of these victims will be protected, he said, This is what the minister is doing with its current measure.

Djokovic, who had often expressed impfkritisch in the past was advised in recent days increasingly in distress. On Wednesday, he admitted that he had participated in December in Serbia in an interview with French journalists despite the knowledge of a positive test Corona — a clear violation of the insulation regulations in his home.

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Add to this the unintentional misrepresentation came its management on the entry arch, he was not traveling in the 14 days prior to departure to Melbourne. On the court itself Djokovic has often exempt from seemingly hopeless situations — if he succeeds in court, is highly questionable.

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