Höler does not take a leaf in front of her mouth: “A bad game”

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Somalia Culinary and today as a license player manager at BVB Sebastian Keel had launched a 2-0 for the SC Freiburg on 21 October 2001, which until today the last Bundesliga victory of the Brasher should be the black-yellow.

That this negative run also found its continuation on this 19th match day, was next to a dominant host around the two double packers Thomas Meunière and Erlang Haaland as well as artists Mahmoud Aloud everyone at the SF performance at most. Especially in the first 45 minutes If the guest did not find in the game at all, let go of play and hardly fell on.

Lucas Hole summarized it after the conversation with DAZN in his clear words together: We just made a bad game.


Everyone made a bad game

The center-runner of the Freiburg, who has no longer met for five league games, added: We did not manage anything we’ve made ourselves — especially if you then start two of them so standard gates. So today was just nothing to get.

In his analysis, Hole recognized the very good performance of the Dortmund, but quickly came to talk about his team’s own missing. His closing bottomed therefore: Today we have been impressed somewhere, did not come to the two-fighting. Nobody came into the game, then you also decline 0: 3 back. Newsweek should now pack all to their own nose. Today everyone is disappointed that we lost 1: 5 and everyone has made a bad game.

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