CSGO: Automatic meets with Stewie2k at Evil Geniuses

TIMOTHY AUTOMATIC TA was one of the stars that put cloud9 as a great champion of the League Bottom: Major 2018. Against all odds, he eliminated SK Gaming and put on the path of Faze Clan. He carried inferno until the last rounds to finally mark him in the story of Counter-Strike: Global Offensive.

Unfortunately, he did not manage to keep his streak after the major. Cloud9 entered a bad streak and, by December 2019, took a step on the side of the team to be part of Gen. G . Under the flag of the tiger, he won Dream hack Open Anaheim 2020 and was at the head of ESL One: Road to Rio in its American edition. But as cloud9, he did not manage to maintain good results.

By 2021, Automatic left CS: Go to enter Valorant with t1. The prestigious organization could not meet the expected goals in North America, passing through several adjustments. Although Automatic was at the foot of the canyon next to Tyler Ska doodle Latham , another ex-cloud9, things changed on January 19.

Through an official publication, Evil Geniuses announced that Automatic will be part of its CS: GO division. The 25-year-old North American announced the return of him with his first love of him of him, sharing the thirst for victory with his companions. Among those that we find Jacky Stewie2K YIP , member of the Cloud9 Champion of Major. William Rush Nearby is expected to end the reinforcements for the North American organization. The rest of the template will remain the same.

Evil Geniuses did not have the best 2021. It was 15° -16° in the Major and 7th in the Grand Slam of Intel, no remarkable results in the rest of the season. His last great victory was in 2020 with ESL One: Cologne 2020 Online, with the American edition. For this year, the goal is to return to the top of the positions in HDTV.

Evil Geniuses 2022

  • Vincent «⁠breeze⁠» Bayonet
  • Tsvetelin «⁠CERN⁠» Dimitri
  • Jake «⁠Stewie2k⁠» YIP
  • Timothy automatic ta

Damien «⁠male⁠» Marcel (coach)

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