Neowiz, Bae Tae-geuns new joint representative

Neo wiz (joint representative door, Kim Seung-cheol) said,

BAE Tae-hyun’s presidential officer is appointed as a formal representative through the Meeting and Board of Shareholders and the Board of Directors. Kim Seung-chul, who has been through the game development and business, and the Representative of BAE Tae-hyun will be a blockchain, P & E (play &, P & E), and a new technology based new business, including NFT (alternative, integrated).

The new company is a technical expert who has been working on a variety of services and platform operations of Meowing, after 20 years in IT and technology related fields after entering Meowed, DB after entering Meowed, DB in 2001. He has been informed of the description of the technology of Technology since 2014, and is currently being developed and is also CIO (Best Information Protection Officer).

In 2018, in order to participate in block chain-based crypto Ions Users’ (BP), the latest technology is also active in SEOUL (IO Solo), It has a high understanding of high understanding.

Neo wiz is a blockchain, which is a blockchain, such as a blockchain, such as a method, and is a plan to secure future competitiveness in response to a preemptive market environment.

The representative of the gate of the literature, which leads Naming over the past four years, will represent the representative of the Japanese subsidiary game after the expiration of this time. The representative is scheduled to reorganize the game on the core subsidiary of Neo wiz and strengthen business competitiveness.

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