Turn-based strategy to foster civilization with the maiden of the craft

Horus Worldwide Walrus Game’s Skull Lady-Development PC / Nintendo Tech Strategy The Hundred-Year Kingdom will be announced on February 3, and the switch version We started accepting reservation.

This game is a single play work depicted by 2D video and turn system.

Take care of civilization with a hundred years

The player is a creation of a new world of civilization, with the Tome of the collapse, and in a given period of 100 turns = 100 turns, the world, surrounded by the mountains, natural green The world of the sea will grow great civilization as much as possible.

The game nature of this work has to expand the initial resources to be invested, making further reproduction, and the genre of the board game is based on the base.

Journey of the kingdom established with unlocks and level elements

In addition to unlocking new or thus maidens and maps in the circle play, experience and levels are available for the maiden itself. It is said that it is possible to build civilization more than the benefit of increasing resources available.

5 cracking maiden

All five of all five people’s maiden who are unlocked with play progress. It is possible to build their own buildings, and give me different coloring civilization.

No negative factor such as war, aggression and disasters


In play, there is no negative element such as conflict, aggression and disasters with other civilizations, and you can enjoy it freely.

Hundred-year Kingdom DX Bundle for STEAM version is also released at the same time

In Steam, Original Soundtrack and Art book will be released as the content of the main story as downloaded content. In addition, these and the main part are set, and 20% off bargain price Hundred-year Kingdom DX Bundle is also available.

Hundred-year kingdom that seems to be able to enjoy easily is for PC (STEAM) and Nintendo switch, and will be released on February 3rd on Japanese. Currently, the switch version reservation purchase is received for 1,500 yen at Nintendo Store. Steam is also delivering a demo version to enjoy the first 20 turns.

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