WWE 2K22: Rey Mysterio will be the star of this episode that marks the renewal of saga

Chaste for many years because of its obsolete technique and his arch gameplay dated, the WWE 2K series took leave for a year and a half and will do its return in 2022. 2K Games has indeed announced the release date. From WWE 2K22, scheduled for March 11, 2022, and which will allow Rey Mysterious to have his hour of glory, especially as he celebrates his 20 years of career this year. Jacket and campaign promo, it is around him that this episode of renewal will be articulated, he who was chosen also to express themselves to the press a few days ago during an online revilement kept secret (and attended). Always developed by Visual Concepts (the same studio that NBA 2K), WWE 2K22 is particularly expected at the turn, which announces a change of engine in recent years. In the press release, 2K Games ensures a level of realism ever rendered in visual rendering, while promising a revised and corrected gameplay with a more powerful feeling, more intuitive controls and many and varied camera angles.

Side Content, the American publisher announces the return of 2k showcase, which will focus on the 20 years of Rey Mysterious’s career and the possibility of reliving the emblematic moments of his ascent in the wrestling world, knowing that the mode my ascent Will allow the play to realize their own course towards celebrity. WWE 2K22 does not forget the customization of the experiment by integrating the universe modes and creative tool that have been updated, with the possibility of taking control of brands, premium events live, from Results of matches, rivalries, create the customization of superstars, arenas and championships. Cherry on the ring, it will be possible to share everything, especially since this year, sharing is cross-platform.

We also note the arrival of new modes such as my mg and my faction who resume a little what is done at NBA 2K, with the possibility of taking himself for a general manager of the WWE, who has white card To build everything: the largest brand of WWE to the Captions of the WWE, making sure to create iconic rivalries. In the My faction mode, players will be able to collect and manage their ideal faction with weekly events and regular updates, and can create its own challenges.

The output of WWE 2K22 is expected for March 11, 2022, on PC, PS5, Xbox Series, PS4 and Xbox One.

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