Users discover a new “broken” strategy in Valorant

It has already spent a week since Neon , the new character of Valorant , came to this Shooter competitive. This new duelist has proven to be extremely useful in certain specific scenarios, so some users already discovered a strategy that is demonstrating how strong this agent can be. In fact, here you will be able to see this strategy in action.

Even since its first days, the players already had the feeling that Neon had a Skill Set that, used in a correct way, was truly broken. The above was demonstrated with a new setup at the ‘B’ point of Ascent .


Thanks to its ability to fast lane and relay explosion, Neon can open the ‘B’ point of Ascent without the greatest of the problems. Although it will be necessary for a controller agent to use smoke in the defense area located between the point of spawn and Market . Once this has been covered, it is enough to point to the window and place a few barriers.

By doing all this, it will be very easy for your classmates to be grouped to attack the opponents. This will cause a congestion point where it will be very easy to end all the enemies who want to get to ‘B’, thus converting to neon in an agent that can become very powerful in the right hands.

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