2K, Latest WWE 2K22 March 11 release and cover model release

2K is expected to launch the next WWE 2K22 of the Visual Concepts, WWE 2K22, and it was announced on March 11, and the cover model was selected on the 21st.

WWE 2K22 shows the newly designed gameplay engine, control, and upgraded visuals.

In this work, the advantage of the advanced graphics is the most outstanding reality of the existing series, and it is an intuitive, newly refreshed control method, a full-fledged production, and a realistic play with a variety of camera angles.

Integrating new features and updates in popular game modes and players can experience a symbolic moment of his most famous game, such as a 2K showcase, including a 2K showcase that appears as a WWE superstar, and in My rise, You can pioneer only the way.

In addition, it is possible to fully customize the WWE environment through a universe mode and upgraded creation suits.

WWE brand, premium live event, game result, rival, etc. You can create custom Superstar Persona, and you can create a custom Superstar Persona, and you can create a stadium and championship and share it with the World WWE 2K22 community, regardless of the platform.

In addition, the new mode, MGM and Faction, and the player in MGM is a generic manager of WWE and jumps on the way to build the maximum brand on the WWE universe.

WWE Superstars and Legend players have a chance to build a symbolic rival and build a symbolic rival and make a championship game.

In Faction mode, the player can collect and manage their dream teams through weekly events and regular updates, and play large challenges.

WWE 2K22 is released as a TWO 4-LIFE digital edition that celebrates its total four types of editions, standard editions and cross ten digital bundles, deluxe editions and 25th anniversary of New World Order.

All editions except Cross zen Digital Bundle are available on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X | S, PC, Xbox One, Xbox Series X | s.

Cross zen digital bundles include Digital Standard Edition and Statewide ’96 Ray Mister Packs, and are available in both play stations or Boxes in the same suite of editions and the editions on both the previous generation and next-generation consoles.

Deluxe Edition is available on March 3, 3 days, and is available on March 8, and Standard Edition and Undertaker Immunizer Pack, DLC Content Pack, which will be released later, My rise Mega Boost and Super Charter Pack, Limited Edition WWE Super Card Content is included. PlayStation 5 or Xbox Series X / S Edition buyers are also available for STA CAD ’96 Ray Mistleopac.

TWO 4-LIFE Digital Edition is also available on March 8th, and all bonus content of Standard Edition and Deluxe Edition, as well as Faction EVE card and Hollywood Loan, Scott Hall, Kevin Erik, Six TWO Costumes and Eric Bishop Characters, WCW Soul Out 1997 and WCW Bash at The Beach 1996 Arena, TWO Wolf Pack Championship.

Standard Edition and Cross zen Digital Bundle Insurance, Undertaker Immunizer Packs, including three undertaker Personae, Undone Faction EVE cards, undertaker Faction logo cards, and the like.

Ray Mister is a WWE 2K22 cover superstar to represent the culture of Live Libra, It is an honor to represent the culture of Libra. I look forward to it.

2K Alpine Brody (Alfie Brody) Global Marketing Strategy Vice President of the Global Marketing Strategy, Ray Mister, who acts as a proposer, has proven his patience through returns to several times, and through this, it was a living legend of sports entertainment. In WWE 2K22, he / she provides a variety of upgrades and functions in the community to allow the player to fully control the WWE environment.

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