Hunter? No shooter! TPS “Monhan Rise” Operation Fed South Start with Keyboard + Mouse

Pc version Monster Hunter Channelization (Life) released on January 13th, do you play everyone? I am playing with the switch version near 400 hours. Speaking of changes from the switch version of this work, the graphic is also improved, but it is a mouse + keyboard operation unique to PC.

Honestly, I’m not good at Aims in the controller, and how easy Mouse Aim is possible……! And, I was always thinking about it. There are many gamers who are usually playing PC games in the main game? Yes, please click here. It is a video that tried to operate the light bow gun with the mouse and keyboard.

I’m thinking about the first shot immediately after the start of hunting, I am convincing, but I want to aim properly where I want to aim! Even while moving, Aim sucks! Happy!

So, this time, I can play Rise TPS with this mouse keyboard operation! It is a project.

Basic Operation

First, from the basic operating part. Press Esc to open the system menu, and see [System] → [Options] → [Controls] → [Keyboard Settings]. Among them, in the initial setting, we will introduce the recommendations of the authors at the same time regarding the unhappy part, so please. This key setting is performed by the assumption of a mouse with two full keyboard + side buttons.

By the way, in order to save 16 key settings in the form of mail, it is possible to save the recommended key settings and initial settings, and it is possible to try both and try both recommendations from the recommendation.

Move: WAS


(With a weapon included) Passing / (while holding a weapon and traveling while moving): SPACE

Almost required key on the shooter playing with mouse and keyboard. It is also a part of the finger.

Holding weapons / Normal shooting: Left click

Expression display of weapons and Shōnen (long press): Right click

Use the item / Call the weapon: E (recommended is mouse side button 1)

Reload / Bin loading / Bin cancellation / ironing thread technique: Mouse side button 1 (recommended R)

Weapon key. Personally, I would like to set the weapon and the action to be set nearby, and E wants to use it for the key for iron for the iron. It is the mouse side button. I think that to reload is often set to R when many people play a shirt, so it is safe to change.

Item Window Operation / Camera Reset: Ctrl

Item window left (item switching): Cursor key left & mouse wheel (recommended mouse side button 1)

Item window right (item switching): Cursor key right and mouse wheel (recommended mouse side button 2)

Item window (Short selection): Mouse side button 1 (recommended Q)

Under item window (Section selection): Mouse side button 2 (recommended E)

Key when selecting an item. Gunner is a high frequency key because the selection of bullets is important. The default setting is a mouse side button, but it was easy to understand that it was easy to understand that it was easier to release the consumption item selection key. I really wanted to make a mouse wheel choice, but this setting is made because it could not be transferred from the initial setting item switching key.

Item Shortcut: 1 to 8

Shortcut palette call: F1 to F4

A shortcut that uses an item instantly with one button. You can register a total of 32 items of 8 x4 palette. Palette 1 is convenient to recover, pallet 2 separately. Since shortcuts that mix the maximum number of bullets you use are also registered as a shortcut, it is a very converting function to Gunner.

Check / conversation / collection, etc.: f

The key for so-called interaction. It is a frequently used key, such as when stripping the material from the defeated monster.

Open the map Open the map: M

Chat Menu: TAB

A chat menu that can send a map to open a map and a fixed text. If you play with a voice chat with a friend chat, the chat menu is not open too! Map key setting to Tab! Because it is set to TAB keys, and when you try to close the map again and try to close the map, you should also be a separate key even if you change the pins and hit the pins every time.. You can not find the settings that can be changed around….

New element from Rise. Actions with Shot

After basic key settings, we introduce actions using Shoji Who, a new factor of Rise. This item is the key after the recommendation key binding setting. By the way, if you check the item of the basic operation of the hunter note, you can check the operation in the current key settings, so you can check.

Show (upper / in the air): Right click + R

Show (forward / in the air at the time of air): Right click + E

Show (to the point of aim): Right click + left click

It is a high-speed movement Seizure that consumes the Xians Gauge. It is a convenient technique for all movement, attacking and protection, but if you are consuming all the Shoji gauge, you can not use it newly if you do not wait for recovery.

Who Sakai: (In the midst of being attacked by an attack) Right click + SPACE

It is a technique that can be used when attacking monsters. Prepare your system in an instant and reduce ski.


Iron tale: SHIFT + R or E

Use a special technique set for each weapon that consumes a gauge. Light-Distance Weapon Light Organs, Heavobougans, and Bows, each move to avoid the opponent’s attacks, and you have a technique that you can do a counter to the opponent’s attack, etc. You can reduce the time of hunting.

Besides, let’s adjust the mouse sensitivity!

Camera options are also different as preparation for playing with mouse and keyboard. Press Esc to open the menu and open [System] → [Options] → [Camera].

If this screen is displayed, let’s mess with the part that you wrote with [Mouse]. At the time of throwing the camera speed at normal times from the top, Suzuki and Lunar, the camera sensitivity at the time of Gunner aimed. In the case of a controller, it is often easy to play if the camera speed at the time of aiming from normal time is more likely to be easy to play, but in the case of a mouse, I think that all the same figures can play without discomfort. The top and bottom bias items can correct the amount of cameras when the mouse is swayed up and down. Let’s adjust either number as you like.

In addition, it may be necessary to restore the settings of the corresponding part, whether and usually reverses the camera operation in the controller, including yourself. I’m glad that this item can be set separately with mouse and controller.

Very fresh mouse + Rise on the keyboard. It is also recommended for those who play the switch version. Would you like to do one with a new item?

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