Bavarias airport helmarr before the Hertha

FC Bayern has avoided a landing on the BER airport when traveling to Bertha BSC. It was probably a reaction to the failed Qatar journey in February 2021.

The Berlin airport BER does not come from the headlines – and the FC Bayern currently has no desire for the capital airport.

Punchers have gained landing at the main airport on arrival at Bertha BSC on Sunday that FC Bayern with 4: 1 (1: 0) and instead landed in two machines at Schengen road. Even a subsequent bus ride of 50 minutes to the Team Hotel am Potsdamer Plate took the Bayern in purchase.

Background is probably the failed journey in February 2021, when Bavaria wanted to travel to Klub-World Cup after an away game at Bertha BSC. But since the stroke arrived too late and the plane had stood at 23:59 clock still on the runway, there was no starting permit, because otherwise the midnight fly ban had not been complied with.

The stroke then spent the night in the plane. Especially Bavaria’s honorary president UPI Honey staggered then and spoke of a total turning.


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Nagelsmann: Can be that at the Qatar journey

Addressed to the unusual journey, trainer Julian Nagelsmann at the press conference after the game initially reserved: These are not things that I make great thoughts. I get in the bus and then the bus driver tells me: ‘Julian, now get out!’

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Whether it was really a reaction to the failed Qatar journey last year, the Bayern coach did not want to exclude: We have two capable team managers for travel planning. It may be that at the departure at that time was to Qatar. I have seen That we are startled a relatively small airport. The pilot then braked sharply, and I thought that the runway was shortened, but then I was notified: we are not here in Schofield or otherwise.

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