PS5: Sony presents a new controller for you

There are numerous providers that offer hardware accessories for the PS5, but the PlayStation team apparently did not have any products as the new controllers of Horn. For the Sony is now officially advertising.

PS5: Sony introduces new drivers from Horn

Whether Mortal Kombat 11, Street Fighter5, Dragon Ball Fighter, Dirt 5 or on the Road – Truck Simulator, with the danseuse controller all these games can be fun. In the near future, however, the gaming experience can become even better, because PlayStation represents new controllers from the brand Horn, which are mainly intended for combat and racing games and officially licensed by the company .

It refers to:

  • Horn Fighting Commander OCTA , The ultimate controller for 2D fighting games and many other 2D software titles. The controller dispenses with danseuse support, but offers two keys on the right side and the industry’s best D-Pad.

The controller is traded at a price of $59.99.

  • Fighting Stick α . A pad to tournament level. Here is real arcade feeling, because in addition to numerous buttons, a small joystick ensures a neatly fun. You have the option of creating four custom profiles via the appropriate app and to change with the profile button very easy.

In addition, the integrated audio and microphone control enables you full concentration on the fight. The Fighting Stick α is expected to cost 199.99 US dollars.

  • Racing Wheel Apex . This is a steering wheel with pedals for authentic racing simulations. The product can be programmed and adjusted for your needs, and vibration ensures that you can dive deep into the game.

Switches from a 270 degree to a 180 degree rotational ratio while driving and take more fine settings, e.g. B. for the dead zone, the pedal sensitivity and more, according to the description on the website. Racing Wheel Apex is expected to cost $119.99.

The product is also compatible with the PS4 and the PC .

(Source: Horn)

I’m video you can see the steering wheel more exactly:

When can you buy the controllers?

When the Fighting Commander OCTA and the Fighting Stick α appear, is previously unknown. Racing Wheel Apex is listed on both the American than you on the German Amazon page. While no release date is mentioned on the German side, the American of 25 February 2022 is given .

(Source: Amazon)

ICR have now fancy a racing game? How about Dirt 5?

DIRT 5 LIMITED Edition (PlayStation 5)

Now from €49,99 at Amazon

The price may be higher now. Price from 24.01.2022 11:18 clock

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