DJ Max Respective V, New DLC V Extension 2

Realized announced that the rhythm game ‘DJ Max Respect V (DJ Max Respect V), which is a rhythm game DJ Respect V (V Extension 2), has released its new DLC’ V Extension 2 (V Extension 2).

The V Extension 2, which is released this time, is composed of 20 original new songs that are newly disclosed, including dedicated notes and gear skins, and UI skins.

In V Extension 2, DJ Max Series’ Pure 100% (Pure 100% (Pure 100% (Pure 100% (Pure 100% (Pure 100%) You can also confirm the new song of veteran composers, such as ‘Homograph’.

In addition, the new song ‘Daydream’ and ‘Sweet On You’, which are presented in the Neo wiz ‘Sound Team’ Studio Lay-Back ‘.


The price of V Extension 2 is 24,800 won, and it is possible to purchase at a 15% discounted price by February 1, commemorating the release. Also, commemorating new DLC launches, DJ Max Respective V will proceed 70% discount events from February 4 to February 4.

DJ Max Respect V-related details can be found through the official steam page.

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