Duisburg coach Schmidt: “Like the rabbit in front of the snake”

It was not crucial that we were one less, Schmidt set at the microphone at magenta sport, shortly after his team had been filled within 90 minutes of all the rules of the art of Prius Magdeburg.

Although the zebras played after an early location for Keeper Leon wine purchase (23rd) nearly 70 minutes at night, but there were the Midericher already back and had not yet taken place. Therefore, the coach also noted: We were before to left, I have seen a little difference.

Bitter debut for Coppers – the pressure grows

For wine purchase, replacement keeper Jo Coppers came between the posts, this experienced a versus debut for the Duisburg: Overall, the Belgian had to reach four times behind. Due to the clear defeat it missed the zebras, at least for the time being to jump over the line and gain some air. Instead, the pressure is growing on players, coaches and club.

And that, although the mold curve actually showed slightly after the winter break. A narrow success over Averse (1: 0) followed a bitter 3: 4 defeat against the ambitious 1st FC Saarbrücken, even there, the performance voted over long distances.

Willingness, courage – all that we had made was not visible today.

Hagen Schmidt

That was no case against Magdeburg at no time, which annoyed the coach properly. We were like the rabbit in front of the snake, we did not come to the two-fighting at all. Willingness, courage – all that we had made was not visible today, the 51-year-old became clear.

There is no more to say. Goodbye

Are the nerves with the carpenter so slowly blank? From the ten games, since Schmidt stands at the sideline at the MSV, this only eight counters took place, the next weekend is the activism at SV Wiesbaden. In any case, the coach seemed properly eaten after the Magdeburg Party: It was a bad performance from the front to the back, there is no longer to say. Goodbye, Schmidt said to protocol and finished the interview abruptly.

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