Its official! Announce sequel to Mortal Kombat

The new movie of Mortal Kombat premiered last year, and although it is true that it could not be the adaptation of the popular video game that we were all waiting for, the reality is that it was much better than we believed. It seems that the feature film was also a success on streaming platforms, since its producers already gave green light to a sequel.

According to information about Deadline , New Line already authorized a sequel for Mortal Kombat and have hired Jeremy Slater , main writer of the series of Moon Knight at Disney + , to take care of the script of this new production. Outside that, we do not know if Simon McQuaid will return as a director, nor do we have information related to your release date.

Since last year, Greg Russo, Screenwriter of Mortal Kombat, said he already had a plan of ideas for the sequel, which sadly will not be carried out since he will no longer write this continuation of history. We knew that Warner Bros . He had intentions to convert to Mortal Kombat in a successful cinematographic franchise, and it seems that they will meet him.

Editor’s note: I think the original movie was not bad, but I felt that your story advanced too fast. In the end, the characters came to feel disposable, and I could not feel empathy for any of them, but the action was good, and the Gore fulfilled the standards of the franchise.

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