Last permanent event

Welcome to our preview of the Last Hero Standing Heroic Magic Duel event! Here we are going to talk about all that this event has to offer and include some general tips on the optimal dialing of the Deck for this event.

What is Last Hero Standing Event brings us?

And above all, he presents the new Seid Mythic, Lord Sumrak. You can win this Aasse by reaching 900 skull chips, but you will also have a small chance to recover it in one of the mythical chests available to reach some milestones (at 45, 135, 270 and 495 skull chips). On top of that, there are two single chests (10 and 90 chips skull), two homemade chests (190 and 370 skull chips) and a luxury chest (695 tokens) that wait until you to grasp them.
The Last Hero Standing event is played again against 7 other players, but these battles are a bit different from your ordinary battles. First, the health of players’ portals is considerably improved and each match is limited in time (1 minute and 30 seconds, except for the last match lasting 10 minutes). Each game of the Last Hero Standing event is significantly shorter, so it is advisable to focus on less expensive Mana cards (up to 6 MANA dollars) and get rid of giant cards. Time is missing to use abomination. and similar maps. Since the goal is to be the last man standing, it may seem like a good idea to play simply in defense, but it’s another interesting mechanism that this event brings and discourages this style of play. The mechanism I’m talking about is the damage bonus.

damage bonus

Although this is called a damage bonus, this bonus is actually applied to both the care and damage of the henchmen. You can not earn this powerful bonus to your servants by inflicting damage to the enemy portal. That’s why it’s not a good idea to just play the defense and try to survive each turn. Let me tell you this: If you focus on the Defense, you probably survive in the first game, but you will not cause significant damage to an enemy portal. In the next round, you will probably face an opponent who has won. Health and Buff damage. Even if you have survived the second game, the situation will only worsen in the following games where you will probably be confronted with opponents with stronger 20-30% servants. The morality of history is that playing aggressively in this game can be very beneficial.
Now let’s see the damage and health bonuses, as well as the damage to be subject to the portal to get it.
Level 1 -> 2: + 10% (40,000 damage)
Level 2 -> 3: + 20% (40,000 damage – 80,000 in total)
Level 3 -> 4: + 30% (50,000 damage – 130,000 in total)
Level 4 -> 5: + 40% (80,000 damage – 210,000 in total)

Change the composition of the bridge

Before each game, you can change deck and change card, heroes and their spells. I really like this feature, because you can quickly change build if you think something else will work better against a specific hero.
Given the time limit on Last Hero Standing, it seems that Rush decks like Rolling Rocks, Ravenous Scourge and other mafia cards, in combination with Bloodstalker and Soul Leech, are the solution.


I really like the change of pace that this event brings and, for me, it is much more interesting to fight against other players for rewards. Another very interesting thing in this event is the possibility to participate as much as you wish (no special object / torch is necessary) and it is actually possible to win the final reward, Lord Sumrak, if you play well and enough long time.

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I hope you enjoyed our overview of the last permanent test heroic magic duel. Do not hesitate to post a comment because we greatly appreciate all the comments of our readers.

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