Rainbow Six: Movistar Riders breaks with his curse and swept in the first Iberia Masters

This weekend were held the first Final of the Six Masters Iberia , a new national level tournament that has caused a lot of stir for good between the Spanish fanatic community of the Shooter Tactical Ubisoft. Movistar Riders would end up being the winner of a tournament full of emotion but with a clear dominance on their rivals, rapidly ending with Emonkeyz in the final with 3 to 0 in the global and without even losing a single game in All competition, ending first in the group stage and undefeated in the final phase.

And it is that the riders had everything for him to win, since his narrative was that of a team he was looking for Redemption before his remodeling : a week before the tournament was held, Movistar Riders announced that None of his players was going to continue on the team after this tournament, so it was the last time they were going to play together and the last chance to shine before leaving each one by their side.

It seems that this announcement was going to reduce the chances of winning the team, but it seems that motivated them enough to work the miracle and win at once and for all a Rainbow Six tournament, something they had not yet been able to get Despite all the opportunities that these last seasons had.

FOSKITO , who has been the indisputable leader and the team’s star could get anxious trophy at last before departure, while Goga was able to savor the victory again in a tournament after having been a time Withdrawn and demonstrate that why it has been a double champion of the world. Hopefully this is not the end of the victory streak of Movistar Riders and we can see more success from the team with the roster that it has planned to devastate in the remaining 2022.

Foto of Norma Clemente – Ubisoft

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