Dying Light 2: How to change the time of day (day and night)

Dying Light 2 combines combat against zombies with a journey of Fluid Parkour in a postpocalyptic world. However, these are not your normal zombies that walk slowly. The infected are fast and agile and upgrade through the buildings, they will jump through the holes and will do whatever it takes to take a feast with your brain. Especially during the night, they will leave their den for hunting. As such, you may want to take refuge in the security of the day when completing missions. Here is How to change the time of day at Dying Light 2 .

Change the time of day at Dying Light 2

  • Go to one of the safe zones

These are marked on your map with the icon of a green house.

How to play Dying Light 2 early! Dying light 2 change time zone glitch
* Find a resting place

These are within secure areas and are marked in your HUD with a green bed icon.

  • Press Square / X / E to interact with the place of rest and sleep

This will change the time of day, taking at the beginning of the next phase. For example, if it is night, you will wake you up during the day and vice versa.

Being able to change the time of day at Dying Light 2 is particularly useful, since during the night, infected will leave their den and seek survivors. This means that you can freely explore these lairs without fear that they bite you alive. Just remember to turn on your flashlight and make sure your immunity does not run out!

In the same way, if you prefer to explore in the safety of daylight, you can rest quickly and wake up at the beginning of the hours of the day not to be unnecessarily for years to continue the search in question.

That’s all you need to know about How to change the time of the day in the last open world role game of Techland. To get more tips, tricks and guides, go to our wiki or see more of our coverage about the game below.

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